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Medical Terminology

root and medical terms that

Craniosynostosis Meaning: Closed skull sutures in an infant. Signs and symptoms: Unusual head shape. Causes: Unknown. Treatment: Surgery.
Osteoporosis Meaning: Condition of reduced bone mass. Signs and symptoms: Fractures, pain. Causes: Low estrogen and testosterone. Treatment: Medication and exercise.
Onychomycosis Meaning: Nail fungus infection. Signs and symptoms: Discolored crumbling of the nail. Causes: Tight shoes, damp or moist skin, nail injuries. Treatment: Oral medication.
Sarcoidosis Meaning: Disease of various tissues of the body. Signs and symptoms: Fatigue, weight loss, skin sores, enlarged organs. Causes: Unknown. Treatment: Often resolves without treatment.
Trichinosis Meaning: Roundworms. Signs and symptoms: Abdominal pain, diarrhea, fever. Causes: Eating raw meat. Treatment: Resolves without treatment.
Myelomeningocele Meaning: Another name for spina bifida. The spinal canal remains open after birth. Signs and symptoms: Protrusion of canal through back. Causes: Unknown. Treatment: Surgery
Gastroschisis Meaning: Stomach herniation. Signs and symptoms: Lump in the abdomen. Causes: Congenital (born with it). Treatment: Surgery.
Hepatomegaly Meaning: Large liver. Signs and symptoms: Right side enlargement below ribs. Causes: Hepatitis, alcoholism, other diseases affecting the liver. Treatment: Depends on the disease.
Cardiomyopathy Meaning: Weak heart muscle. Signs and symptoms: Chest pain and shortness of breath. Causes: Heart attack and alcoholism. Treatment: Diet and medication.
Hemochromatosis Meaning: Condition affecting iron metabolism that causes too much iron buildup in the body. Signs and symptoms: Joint pain, fatigue. Causes: Genetic disorder. Treatment: Removal of excess iron-rich blood through blood removal.
Pneumothorax Meaning: Air in the space around the lung. Signs and symptoms: Sharp chest pain and shortness of breath. Causes: Disease or trauma. Treatment: Insertion of a chest tube.
Rhinophyma Meaning: Large ruddy nose. Signs and symptoms: Nose is thick and red. Causes: Unknown. Treatment: Surgery, medication.
Tracheomalacia Meaning: Weakness of the trachea. Signs and symptoms: Noisy breathing. Causes: Congenital. Occurs at birth. Treatment: Condition resolves with age.
Cholelithiasis Meaning: Condition of stones in the gallbladder or bile ducts. Signs and symptoms: Right upper quadrant abdominal pain. Causes: Concentration of salts and minerals in the gallbladder. Treatment: Lithotripsy.
Myonecrosis Meaning: A severe form of gangrene. Signs and symptoms: Pain, fever, black or dark tissue. Causes: Bacterial infection. Treatment: Surgical removal.
Created by: Stephanie_22