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Unit Three Differenc

Reading 4

blotches spots or blots
emergency an unexpected, serious occurence or situation requiring prompt action
polite marked by consideration of others, good manners
discovery gain knowledge through observation, study, or search
qualify to make eligible or competent for a task or position
pesticide a chemical used to kill pests, especially insects or rodents
malicious desire to harm others or see others suffer
ineptitude lacking in judgement, sense, or reason
readiness prepared or available for service or action
substance that which has mass, occupies space, and can be perceived by the senses
transparent so fine or delicate in texture that objects can easily be seen on the other side, clear
interfere to take part in the affairs of others when not asked; meddle
awkward lacking grace in movement or behavior, clumsy
proclaimed announced publicly
agile able to move and react quickly and easily
guardian a person or thing that guards or watches over
tottered walked or moved with unsteady steps; rocked or swayed as if about to fall
unfair not fair or just
ancestors people in the past for whom one comes; relatives
numerous forming a large number; many
segregation the practice of setting one racial group apart from another
unsuspecting having no suspicions
avoided stayed away from
injustice lack of justice; unfairness
identified proved that someone or something is a particular person or thing
enterprising showing energy and initiative, willing or inclined to take risks
persistence the ability to keep trying in spite of difficulties or obstacles
venture a business or some other undertaking that involves risk
sores places where the skin has been broken and hurts
loosened made looser; set free or released
mysterious very hard or impossible to understand
amazement great surprise or wonder
midst a position in the middle of a group of peole or things
responsibility the quality or condition of having a job, duty, or concern
patchwork something put together out of many uneven or varied parts
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