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Greek/Latin Words

Cognito Know recognize, incognito, cognitive
Copia plenty copious, copy, cornucopia
Credo believe credible, incredulous, creed
Culpa blame culprit, culpable
domunis lord, master dominate,
duco to lead aqueduct, abduct, introduce
fido trust,believe confide, fidelity, infidel
fundo, fusum to pour transfusion, fuse, effusive
genus kind, origin generic, genealogy, generation
holos whole holistic, hologram, catholic
jungo join junction, conjuction, adjunct
lego, lectum read legible, intellect
locus place local, locate, location
loquor speak eloquent, loquacious
medius middle medium, median, mediate
missio something sent missive, missionary, emissary
morior die mortal, mortuary, morbid
nego deny negate, negative
nihil nothing nihilism, annihilate
occido kill homicide, genocide, suicide
pathos suffer, feeling sympathy, pathology
pendo weigh, hang pendant, depend, pendulum
per through perservere, peruse, perceive
phobos fear phobia, claustrophobia
plenus full plenty, plentiful, plenary
positum placed position, deposit, opposite
tendo stretch tension, intense, detention
teneo,taino hold,keep contain, maintain, retain
trans across transferm, transport, transverse
valeo be strong valiant, valor
venio come advent, event, eventually
voco call vocal, voice, vociferous
zoon animal, life
aequus equal equality, equation
ago, acta do, things done enact, transact, agent
anthropos man, human anthropology, misanthrope
ars art artist, artifact
brevis short brevity, abbreviate,brief
canto sing chant, cantata, cantor
caput head captain, decapitate
clino to lean, bend incline, decline, inclination
cognito know recognize, incognito, cognitive
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