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ACE Music

Based on NAQT and HSAPQ questions, to help with academic bowl

Sixth character dance depicts Polcinelle. Represents substances with Arabian, Chinese, and Spanish dances. Named for a gift from Herr Drosselmeter. Ballet about Clara written by Tchaikovsky. Nutcracker, or Shchelkunchik
His Missa sunt bona mixta malis on las the Kyrie and the Gloria extant. One of his string quartets has the theme of "Deutschland Uber Alles". Composer of "The Creation" and the "Farewell" and "Surprise" symphonies. Haydn
Opens with a clarinet trill. Work for jazz band and piano, commissioned by Paul Whiteman. Orchestrated by Ferde Grofe. Rhapsody in Blue
Composer of Rhapsody in Blue. Also wrote "I Got Rhythm" and Porgy and Bess. George Gershwin
Scored for regular orchestra with celesta, saxophone, and car horns. Represents Gershwin traveling through a European capital. An American in Paris
Wrote symphony that begins with a "Trauermarsch". 1st symphohont has a contrabass playing a minor version of "Frere Jacques". Titan Symphony, Resurrection Symphony, and Symphony of a Thousand. Mahler
Vocal form of this is called scat singing. Player creates a new melody using provided chords or a particular mode. Improvisation
Trumpet player. Recordings include Sketches of Spain and Kind of Blue. Innovated jazz improvisation. Miles Davis
Jazz saxophone player, recorded "Anthropology, Orinthology, and Confirmation". Developed bebop improvisation. Moose the Mouche was written for a biography of his life. Charlie Parker
Serial works include In Memoriam Dylan Thomas. Symphony of Psalms includes a fugal interplay between an oboe and a flute. Wrote "Firebird" and "Rite of Spring" Stravinsky
Fiftieth cantata of Bach influenced his fourth and final symphony. Wrote Hungarian Dances and caused controversy with A German Requiem. Brahms
Brahms was a close friend of Clara Wieck. She was the widow of the composer of Papillons, Carnaval, and the Rhenish Symphony. Schumann
Sketches for a scherzo part of this might exist. Possibly broken up to create the Rosamunde incidental music. Followed by Great Symphony. Unfinished, or Symphony No. 8
Sang "Car Wash" for Shark Tale with Missy Elliot. Appeared on the Mulan soundtrack. Also sang Genie in a Bottle, Candyman, and What a Girl Wants. Christina Aguilera
In non mi dir, a character in this opera says she cannot marry Ottavio yet. Masetto is infuriated by his wife Zerlina when she nearly cheats on him with the title character. Written by Mozart. Don Giovanni
1st movement of this piece quotes "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot". Intended to be a manual for American composers, whose second movement includes a famous largo. Symphony No. 9, "From the New World"
Composer of the Symphony "From the New World", as well as of the Slavonic Dances. Czech. Dvorak
Dvorak's opus 90. Piano trio in E minor in 6 movements. Takes its name from a Ukranian folk style. Dumky, or Piano Trio No. 4
Wrote a 3 movement work with a soprano singing Psalm 23. Commemorated death of President Kennedy in his 3rd symphony. Composer of Fancy Free, the Jeremiah and Kaddish symphonies, and West Side Story. Bernstein
Dedicated to a pupil of this composer, title includes "quasi una fantasia". C-sharp minor, and borrows a motif from a death scene in Don Giovanni. Moonlight, or Piano Sonata No. 14
Works by this composer include the Waldstein and the Pathetique piano sonatas, as well as the singular opera Fidelio. Beethoven
One of the most difficult Beethoven piano sonatas, has 4 movements instead of the regular 3. Fourth movement contains a fugue. Hammerklavier, or Piano Sonata No. 20
Employed in the artistic faculty of the foundling home Ospedale della Pieta. Used the ritornello form, along with standardizing the "fast, slow, fast" structure of the concerto. Wrote calendar themed "Four Seasons". Vivaldi
Written right after "The Musical Offering", Busoni completed the final movement of it in "Fantasia Contrappuntista". Written for unmarked instruments. Art of the Fuge
Composer of Art of Fugue, Baroque. Composed 6 concerto grosso for different instruments, as well as the Goldberg Variations for piano. J. S. Bach
Coupled this type of free form piece with a fugue in D minor for organ. Roughly means touch piece in Italian. Toccata
Aminta marries Sir Morosus in one of this man's operas. Wrote the Silent Woman, as well as Elektra. Title character of another one of his operas performs the Dance of the Seven Veils. Richard Strauss
Symphonic poem never performed in this man's lifetime. Didn't gain popularity until re-orchestrated by Rimsky-Korsakov. Depicts Witches' Sabbath. Night on Bald Mountain
Writer of the original draft of Night on Bald Mountain. Also wrote a piano suite that represented paintings by Victor Hartmann, Pictures at an Exhibition. Mussorgsky
Suggested by Nicholas Rubinstein. Starts wih the melody of "Save the people" and uses a diminuendo to represent casualties. The Marseillaise is sample in this Tchaikovsky piece. 1812 Overture
Arias include "Vecchia Zimara", "Che gelida manina", and "Quando M'en Vo". Alcindoro is left with the bill at Cafe Momus by Musetta. Written by Puccini, adapted into RENT by Jonathan Larson. La boheme
Wrote Vespro della Beata Vergine in 1610. Composed the first extant opera, Orfeo. Monteverdi
Convinced the Council of Trent not to ban polyphonic music. Wrote Pope Marcellus Mass. Palestrina
Created by: ardentandrew