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APICS Detailed schedule and execution vocab

Action message An output of a system that Ids the need for, and the type of action to be taken to correct, a current or potential problem.ex)Action msg in an MRp system: release order, reschedule I/O, and cancel.
Activation Putting a resource to work
Aggregate planning A process to develop tactical plans to support the orgs biz plan. Aggregate planning usually includes the dev, anjalysis, and maintenance of plans for tot sales, tot prod, trgt invent, and trgt cust backlogs for families of products. Result->prodplan
What are the two approaches to aggregate planning? 1.Production planning 2.Sales and operations planning
Allocation 1.The classification of qts of items that have been assigned to specific orders but have not yet been released from the stockroom to production. It is an "uncahsed" stockroom reqs 2.A process used to distribute mat in short supply
Alternate routing A routing that is usually less preferred than the primary routing but results in an identical item. Alternate routings may be maintained in the comp or off-line via man. methods, but the comp software must be able to accept alt.routings for specific jobs
Availability The % of time that a worker or machine is capable of working. The formula is availability = (S-B)/S*100% where S is the scheduled time and B is the down time.
Available time The number of hours work center can be used, based on management decisions regarding shift structure, extra shifts, regular OT, observance of weekends and pub holidays, shutdowns, and the like.
Budgeted capacity The volume/mix of throughput on which financial budgets were set and overhead/burden absorption rates established.
Buffer stock same thing as safety stock
Business-to-business commerce (B2B) Business conducted over the internet between businesses. The implication is that this connectivity will cause businesses to transform themselves via supply chain management to become virtual organizations-reducing costs, improving Q,reducing del LT.
By-product A material of value produced as a residual of or incidental to the production process. The ratio of by-product to primary product is usually predictable. By-product may be recycled, sold as-is, or used for other purposes.
Calculated capacity The expected output capability of a resource or system. Capacity is traditionally calculated from such data as planned hours, efficiency, and utilization. The rated capacity is equal to hours available*efficiency*utilization.
Concurrent engineering A concept that refers to the simultaneous participation of all the functional areas of the firm in the product design activity. Suppliers and customers are often also included. The intent is to enhance the design with the inputs of all the key stakeholder
What are the benefits of concurrent engineering? One of the benefits is that the design ensures that it meets the requirement for all the stakeholders and should ensure a product that can be quickly brought to mtkplace while maximizing Q and minimizing costs.
Central point scheduling A variant of scheduling that employs both forward and backward scheduling, starting from the scheduled start date of a particular operation
Dedicated capacity A work center that is designated to produce a single item or limited number of similar items. Equipment that is dedicated may be special equipment or may be grouped general-purpose equipment committed to a composite part.
Dedicated line A production line permanently configured to run well-defined parts, one piece at a time, from station to station.
Demand forecasting Forecasting the demand for a particular good, component, or service
co-product A product that is usually manufactured together or sequentially because of product or process similarities
distressed goods Products that are damaged or close to their expiration date and cannot be sold at full price.
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