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ACE Biology

Based on NAQT and HSAPQ questions, to help with academic bowl

Fluid movement across them measured by Starling equation. Discontinuous endothelial cells allow for higher permeability. Can be just one cell thick. Form vasa recta. Formations known as beds. Smallest of 3 major animal blood vessels. Capillaries
SNARE proteins facilitate reassembly of Golgi bodies. Results in several karyomeres. Creation of cell plate in plants, cleavage furrow in animals. Formation of nuclear envelopes. Between anaphase and cytokinesis. Telophase
Some heterozygotes resistant to Salmonella typhi. Affords some carriers protection against cholera. Abnormality in namesake transmembrane conductance regulator. Recessive disease characterized by disruption of chloride ion transfer across cell membranes. Cystic fibrosis
Means "middle leaf." Located between upper and lower epidermis. Contains palisade cells. Mesophyll
Similar to mitochondria. Found in plants, contain chlorophyll. Fluid inside is called stroma. Chloroplast
These are the interconnected, sac like structures found in chloroplasts. When they are stacked, they are called grana. Thylakoids
Catecholamine. Triggers vasocontriction in smooth muscle, dilates blood vessels in skeletal muscle. Causes glycogen to be broken down into glucose. Used to treat anaphylactic shock. Secreted by gland above kidneys. Responsible. Fight or flight response. Adrenaline
Process. First part sees formation of tetrads. Produces 4 haploi cells called gametes. Meiosis
Mediate interactions between nervous system and rest of body. GABA is chief inhibitory one. Signaling chemicals. Example=acetylcholine. Neurotransmitters
Gap between neuron and other cell. Neurotransmitters travel across to open ion channels. Synapse
Neurotransmitter. Modulates anger, body temp, metabolism, sleep cycle. Some antidepressants inhibit reuptake. Seratonin
Cardiolipin that bind these can cause Barth syndrome. Kearnes-Sayre syndrome is due to 5000 base pair deletions. Home to electron transport chain. Mitochondria
Undifferentiated cells. Come in totipotent and pluripotent varieties. Blastocysts have embryonic ones. Stem cells
Members of this phylum can regenerate from totipotent stem cells. Includes sponges. Skeletal elements called spicules. Porifera
Hemolythic F4+ strains of one variety cause spticemia. Entero-hemorrhagic variety produces Shiga toxins. Most strains facilitate digestion and produce B12. E. coli
Heterotrophic and have a cell wall of chitin. Mushrooms, mildews, and yeasts are these. Fungi
This molecule was used to show that type II-R pneumococci could become virulent. Meselson-Stahl experiment was about these. Hershey-Chase experiment confirms this molecule's purpose. DNA
Transports sperm from testicles to the urethra. Duct that's sealed off during a vasectomy. Ductus or vas deferens.
Lotus effect represents adaptation of this to moisture. Floccose and bearded used to describe their hairs. Analogous to the frond of the fern. Has guard cells and stomata. Leaves
Created by: ardentandrew