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ACE Chemistry

Based on NAQT and HSAPQ questions, to help with academic bowl

Forms compound with rhenium that can surpass hardness of diamond. Oxide added to silica to produce durable glass for labware. Hydride is a Lewis acid. Atomic number 5, symbol B Boron
Thought to be involved in modification of snRNPs. Alpha-solenoid and beta-propeller folds. Continuous with the rough endoplasmic reticulum. Red blood cells lack this. Contains protein-DNA complexes euchromatin and heterochromatin. Cell's genetic info. Nucleus
Anion. Found in Mohr's salt. Hydrated magnesium salts called Epsom salts. Found in gypsum. Copper salt called "bule vitrol." Sulfate
One method for measuring relies on Slater's rules and is named for Allred and Rochow. Germanium has high value. Highest in flourine. Atom's ability to attract electrons. Electronegativity
Quantity. Instruments for measurement account for variation due to temperature, generate current at electrode with high resistivity. Physiological one is constant to avoid denaturalizing enzymes. Concentration of hydronium ions. pH
Zundal cation displays symmetric examples of these structures. IMparts alpha-helical structure to amino acid chains. Responsible for crystalline arrangement of ice. Impart greater stability to compounds containing lightest element. Hydrogen bonds
This group of aluminosilicate minerals is important to the glass industry. Orthoclase and microcline are examples of it. Feldspar
This magnesium silicate is one of the softest minerals known and has a hardness of 1 on the Mohs scale. Talc
Often used to distinguish minerals is this property, which is the ratio of a density of a substance at a given temperature to the density of water at that temperature. Specific gravity
Sompound, sometimes called carbamide, which is used in fertilizers, and is excreted from the human body through urine. Urea
Urea has two of these functional groups, symbolized NH2, attached to a central carbonyl group. Amine
This class of polymers can be synthesized from the reaction of a di-isocyanate and an alcohol, and is used in foams, and spandex fiber. Polyurethanes
Cylinder with a round bottom and a lip at the top. Glass. Used to store small volumes of reagent. Stored on namesake racks. Test tubes
Used in the Kastle-Meyer blood test. Turns colorless in acidic solutions and pink in basic ones. Used in titrations. Phenolphthalein
Created by: ardentandrew