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ACE Physics

Based on NAQT and HSAPQ questions, to help with academic bowl

Total wave function for two identical fermions is anti-symmetric with respect to exchange of the particles. No two fermions (half-integer-spin particles) may occupy same quantum state. Bosons unaffected. Pauli Exclusion Principle
Idea of stimulated emission, proved Planck's radiation equation. Developed equivalence principle. "On the Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies." 1921 Nobel in Physics for photoelectric effect. Special relativity. Albert Einstein
Violates CPT symmetry. Carlo Rubbia and Simon Van der Meer won 1984 Nobel for helping discover particles that carry this force. W and Z Bosons. Responsible for beta decay. Unified w/ electromagnetic force. Weak nuclear force
Particle. 0 spin, negative parity. decay result in tau and Theta particles, leading to CP violation.most famous discovered by Richter and ting, called charmonium. Made of quark-antiquark pair. Meson
Differential travel times of PKP used to explain super-rotation of this region. Separated into inner solid and outer liquid region. Rotation gives rise to earth's magnetic field. Compressed nickel and iron. Earth's core
Process. Occurs when quantity equal to product of Grashof and Prantl number is above 1700. Primary mode of heat transfer in fluids. Convection
Associated with principle of superposition. Occurs when two waves in a medium interact. Constructive or destructive. Interference
experiment. performed by 2 American scientists. Used interference pattern generated by light waves reflected by mirrors to disprove existence of luminiferous ether. Michelson-Morley Experiment
Principle. Named for Dutch scientist. States that every point on wave front is a source of secondary waves. Huygens Principle
Subtracting magnetic pressure from this quantity gives Lorentz force. Laplace's Law: Pressure=twice this over radius. In free-body diagrams, must be vector pointing away from object. Cannot push, only pull. "Surface" variety. Tension
Phenomenon. First observed by Lunik II satellite. Discontinuity caused by interaction with planetary magnetic field called bow shock. Stream of particles ejected by sun's corona. Solar wind
Force. Particle undergoing circular motion. Always points inwards Centripetal force
Force. Exerted perpendicular to surface. Used to represent force exerted by ground counteracting gravity. Normal force
Force. Acts between surfaces in motion relative to each other. Proportional to normal force. Kinetic friction
Ration of atomic number to atomic volume, divided by ratio as extrapolated from noble gas data. Tendency of an atom to attract electrons to itself. Electronegativity
Lorentz equation describes force exerted on a mobile one. Denoted as Z. Millikan's oil drop experiment measured this. Charge
Thomas Savery built a machine implementing this principle. Also discovered by Edme Mariotte. Related to Gay-Lussac and Charles' Laws. Pressure and volume of a gas in a closed system are inversely proportional. Boyle's Law
Has SI units of kilogram meter squared per second cubed per ampere square. Omega, named for a German. Ohm
Ohm is unit of this quantity. Increases with increasing length and temperature. Resistance
Cornu spiral used to approximate this effect. When Fresnel number is much less than 1, a form predominated named for Fraunhofer. Light bending around obstacles. Diffraction
Created by: ardentandrew