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--00~The Plouch Test

The Plouch Test

What is the largest moon of Jupiter? Ganymede
What happens when a closed chamber filled with liquid is heated my an external source? BLEVE
What is so low a human can't hear it? Infrasound
Tha answer to the universe, life, and everything 42
Who is Jebadiah Kerman? The thrillmaster
Who is a co-counder of string theory? Michio Kaku
If you go back in time and kill your grandfather what will happen A new universe
What formed the moon? The biggest explosion in earth's history
What is overpressure? A shockwave
:probe: :hailprobe:
When was the blue marble taken? Apollo 8
VY Canis Majoris is Really freaking big
Pink Floyd wrote this song about a former band member Brain Damage
The cake is a lie
At least I have my personality
0 divided by 0 Chuck Norris
If an insect dies in a randon forest does anyone care? Who cares
Da dum tss
2+2= 5
If it's not broke Break it
If you shoot an UMMU out of a HARP you need A stick and a marshmallow
XR-2 Ravenstar
Biggest nuke Tsar Bomba
What converts matter into energy with %100 efficiency? Anitmatter-matter collision
%70 percent of the universe Dark matter
Do the other answers even make sense? Yes
So long and thanks for all the fish
Is this test impossible? No
Created by: pants