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Android: Intro SDK

build target Android OS version the application is designed for
AndroidManifest.xml central configuration for the application
default.properties used by Eclipse and the Android ADT plug-in. Do not edit!
/src folder of all source code
/gen/*/R.java resource management file.
/assets folder of file resources that will be used in the program and not compiled
/res folder where all application resources are managed
/res/drawable folder where application icon graphics in different sizes are held
main.xml Layout file used by the activity to draw on screen
strings.xml file where all strings are defined
Manifest section of the XML file used for general application-wide settings
Application section of the XML file with details such as name, icon, and the main “guts” of the program
Permissions section of the XML file specifying what security permissions are needed for application to perform
Instrumentation unit testing using instrumentation classes
/drawable folder with graphics and drawable resource files for different screen densities and resolutions
/layout subdirectory which stores user interface layout files also in xml format
/values various resources such as string values, color values and other primitive data types in XML files
Avd virtual device used for running and debugging code which simulates a real device
/docs folder containing all Android documentation and online links
SDK software development kit release notes
Dev Guide contains FAQS, step by step examples, and glossary
Reference contains a searchable package and class index
DDMS acronym for Dalvik Debug Monitor Service
DDMS debugging perspective provided with the SDK
Task management DDMS perspective showing threads, processes, and garbage collection
File management DDMS perspective permitting delete/copy to and from development machine and Android file system
Emulator interaction DDMS perspective to simulate calls, messages, and location coordinates
Created by: melissagoodall