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(CK)Tuck Ch5-9 Rev

(CK) Tuck Everlasting Chapters 5-9 Review

What is it Winnie does not want the toad to think about her? She doesn't want the toad to think she is a coward.
How old is Winnie? Winnie is ten years old.
Why doesn't Jesse want Winnie to drink from the spring? He thinks it would be terrible for her to do so.
What does Winnie find odd about her kidnappers' behavior? The Tucks do the pleading and the begging instead of Winnie.
When does Mae say they will return Winnie to her home? Mae tells Winnie they will take her back home the next day.
How many years before had the Tucks come upon the spring? The Tucks had come upon the spring eighty-seven years earlier.
Why did Miles's wife leave him and take their two children with her? Miles's wife thought he must have sold his soul to the Devil.
When Mae tells Winnie she will have to take her home overnight, why does Winnie feel there is nothing to be afraid of? The Tucks seem so gentle and kind to Winnie.
When Winnie "closed the gate on her oldest fears," what does she discover about herself? This is an example of what literary term? Winnie discovers the wings she has always wished she had. This is a symbol.
When Angus Tuck meets Winnie, how does his expression make her feel? What type of figurative language is this? Angus' expression makes Winnie feel like an unexpected present, wrapped in pretty paper and tied with ribbons. This is a simile.
Name the figurative language in the following: Nor did they notice that he was following now, behind the road far behind. Foreshadowing
Figuarative Language: The sun was only just opening its own eye and the cottage was full of silence. Personification
Figurative Language: Jesse sang funny old songs in a loud voice and swung like a monkey from the branches. Simile
Figurative Language: Closing the gate on her oldest fears as she had closed the gate of her own fenced yard, she discovered the wings she'd always wished she had. Symbolism
Figurative Language: Crickets leapt before them as if each step released a spring and flung them up like pebbles. Simile
Created by: lindajune