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(CK)Old Yeller SG 1

(CK) Old Yeller Study Guide Part 1

Where and when does the story take place? The story takes place in the Texas hill country after the Civil War.
Why is Travis left in charge of the family? His father left on a cattle drive and will be gone for several months.
Who was Bell and what happened to him? Bell was Travis' dog and he died after being bitten on the nose by a rattlesnake.
Who was Jumper and how does Travis make him mind? Jumper is their mule and he yells at him and hits him across the jaw with a club.
Why did Travis get mad at Old Yeller the first time he saw him? The dog had eaten their meat.
Why does Mama tell Travis that he's not being fair in regard to Arliss and the dog? Travis had a dog when he was little, but Arliss never had his own dog. Also Arliss is too little for Travis to play with and he gets lonely without a playmate.
Why does Old Yeller run away during the bull fight? Travis picked up a rock and Yeller thought he was going to throw it at him.
What happened to Roany during the bull fight? Chongo rammed him off the ground onto his back in the cart. Then the cart rolled to the spring with him in it.
What became the real danger during the bull fight? The bulls could have torn down the house.
What is ironic about Travis agreeing to call Old Yeller? Moments earlier he angrily kept Yeller from chasing the bulls away, but now he needs him to help.
What animal does Travis hunt? Travis hunts deer.
Created by: lindajune