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(CK)Old Yeller Voc 1

(CK) Old Yeller Vocabulary Part 1

reeking unpleasant scent The hot, ________ smell of their blood was in my nose.
frantic wild and panicky Little Arliss' second scream was louder and shriller and more _______ sounding than the first.
knoll a small hill Our cabin stood on a high ________ about a hundred yards above the spring.
scabbard a holder for a knife or sword I remember Papa standing in front of the cabin with his horse saddled and his gun in its ________.
writhing twisting and turning The head dropped to the ground three or four feet away from the ________ body.
careened rolled The cart rattled and banged and ________ down the slope till it was right beside the spring.
solemn serious It was the first time I'd ever shaken hands like a man. It made me feel big and ________ and important in a way I'd never felt before.
astride with one leg on each side of I was still sitting ________ the top rail when the bulls crashed through the fence.
whetted stimulated or made hungry It was good eating; but I'd had my appetite ________ for fried middling meat to go with it.
recollect remember That made me ________ how Birdsong Creek had got its name.
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