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BCT 3.01 to 3.04

keyboarding technique, letters, memos, reports and proofreading

Bibliography an alphabetical list of sources of information used in writing a report
Block Style a letter style in which all lines of the letter are aligned with the left margin
Body the message of the letter or memo
Business Letter a letter that is sent from one company or organization to another; a letter head is usually used on a business letter
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome the entrapment of the medium nerve in the carpal tunnel, swelling of the nerves and tendons will occur in the wrist
Complimentary Close the farewell of the letter; some examples are Sincerely and Cordially
Copy Notation a special notation at the end of a letter that indicates copies of letter was sent to the person(s) listed, usually noted by typing CC:
Dateline the date that the letter was created
DeQuervain’s Disease an overuse injury of the thumb extensor tendons, often occurs from repetitive tapping of the space bar
Double Spacing the type of spacing where you would manually press the enter key two times and a blank line would be between each keyed line
Enclosure Notation a special notation at the end of a letter that indicates that an item(s) is included with the letter, usually the word Enclosure
Envelope the paper covering for a letter to be sent through the mail
Ergonomics the science of designing equipment and workspace for a comfortable and safe working environment
Guide Words a heading typed at the beginning of a memorandum consisting of TO, FROM, DATE, SUBJECT; these four words should be typed in bold, all caps, and should be followed by a colon
GWAM (Gross Words A Minute) the number of keystrokes a typist can make in a timed period; can calculate by dividing the total number of words keyed by the number of minutes that the typist was timed
Home Row Keys A, S, D, F, J, K, L, and semi-colon ( ; )-these are designated as the keys from which all keystrokes are made
Inside Address the name and address of the person or company receiving the letter (also known as the mailing address)
Keyboarding the ability to enter text by using the correct fingers without looking at the keys (aka-touch typing)
Left bound Report multi-page reports that are bound or stapled on the left side of the pages; the left margin is set wider to allow space for binding
Letterhead stationary that contains a company’s name, address, phone/fax number and email address
Line Spacing the vertical spacing between lines of text, there are 66 lines per page
Memorandum a form of written correspondence within the same company or organization that contains guide words as the heading
Outline a supporting document in a report; it is usually placed after the title page and before the first page of the report
Paper Size the size of a standard sheet of paper is 8 ½ x 11 inches
Personal Business Letter a letter that is from an individual to a business or organization
Proofreader Marks marks that are used to correct a copy
Proofreading the process of comparing a copy on screen or paper to the original copy and marking errors for correction
Quadruple Spacing the type of spacing where you would manually press the enter key four times and three blank lines would be between each keyed line
QWERTY Keyboard the most common keyboard arrangement, named for the first letters across the top row
Reference Initials initials of the person that typed the letter or memo if different from the writer; initials should be double-spaced after the body and typed in lowercase
Repetitive Stress Injury occurs when someone performs a task repeatedly causing the build up of irritating waste products in the muscles
Return Address the sender’s address, is typed in a personal letter and is part of the letterhead in a business letter
Salutation the greeting of the letter
Signature Line the name of the person sending the letter
Single Spacing the type of spacing where you would manually press the enter key one time and no blank lines are between each keyed line
Technique the form and keying style that a typist uses while operating the keyboard
Title Page a supporting document of a report; presented as the first page and includes the title, the writer’s name, date, the course, and teacher’s name
Triple Spacing the type of spacing where you would manually press the enter key three times and two blank lines would be between each keyed line
Unbound Report short reports that are prepared without binders or covers
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