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Holes chapters 1-7

What does Mr Sir say Camp Green Lake is unlike? A Girl Scout camp.
How many days a week must the boys dig holes? Every day.
Who gets to use the hammock in the shade? The Warden.
What did Stanley call the imaginary camp he made up when he was little? Camp fun and games.
Why does X-Ray have his own shovel? Because he thinks it's shorter than the others.
What does Stanley's father do for a living? He's an inventor.
Which tent is Stanley assigned to? D
How long must Stanley spend at Camp Green Lake? 18 months.
What's the term for something that is spelled the same forward and backward? Palindrome.
Who did Elya Yelnats finally marry? Sarah Miller.
Who is almost bald but has a big beard? Mr Pendanski.
And what do the boys call him? Mom.
Why had Stanley missed his bus on the day he got arrested? Derrick Dunne had dropped Stanley's notebook down the toilet.
How many Stanley Yelnatses have there been? Four.
How old is Myra Menke when her father decides she should marry? 15
How long is each camper allowed in the shower? 4 minutes.
Where had Clyde Livingston's sneakers been stolen from? A display at a homeless shelter.
What three things does Stanley have in his rucksack when he goes to Camp Green Lake? Toothbrush, toothpaste, box of stationery.
What project is Stanley's father currently working on? A way to recycle old sneakers.
What colour uniform do the boys wear? Orange.
Created by: Jinglebell