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exam 2 349

Chapter 10 Foodservice Equipment

Mixers Used to combine different types of solid and liquid foods can knead, whip, emulsify, mix, beat, slice, grind or chops foods
Food processor machine used to slice, dice, chop, and grind food usually for further processings
Buffalo Chopper motorized machine that uses attatchments for cutting, chopping, grinding foods
Slicer Machine that slices food into varied thicknesses
Induction range Uses electromagnetic energy to heat foods, electromagnetic field reacts with the certain kinds of conductive cookware
Range an open burner system used to distribute heat to pans and pots
Convection Oven applying dry heat and fan forced air to heat food
Conventional Oven an oven with enclosed chambers heated by a heat source from below and in some models, an overhead heat source as well
Deck Oven Heats food by conventional methods. Elements or gas burners heat the metal or stone deck to transfer heat to the product, pan or tray
Combi Oven Used to heat foods by various methods depending upon the type of food and recipe
Proofing Oven Cabinet is heated and humidified to provide a proper environment for the growth of yeast
Microwave Uses short electromagnetic waves to cook good, doesnt heat the air around them (keeps kitchen cooler)
Broiler Cooks with heat from above, can be wall mounted, table mounted or free standing, gas is the most popular for cooking, but electric models are often used for melting and browning
Salamander Open flame gas burners used to heat foods
Char Grill foods are placed on grids to be heated by open flame gas burners from below the food
Tilt Skillet Stainless steel vessel that is flat with four sides used to cook and prepare foods.
Exhaust Hoods hang about 3.5 feet above the cooking surface
Soda dispensing combine carbon dioxide with chilled water and concentrated syrup require electrical connections and potable water
Conveyer dishmachine dishes loaded into racks and placed on conveyer belt (single tanks range from 64-84" long)
Flight type dishmachine dishes are placed directly on belt that passed thru the machine. contain a pre wash, power wash power rinse, and final rinse cycle
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