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T1 Lumeire Insom Pt

Therapeutics 1, Insomnia Points, Lumiere, Bastyr

Classification of PC 8: Ying spring point Fire point Exit point Ghost point
Indications for PC 8: Insomnia Mouth or tongue ulcers Cold sores from heart or stomach fire Blood in stool or urine Nosebleed
Functions of PC 8: Cools excess heat Cools ying and blood Lowers fever
Which points are Ghost points: Du 16, Du 23, Du 26, LU 11, SP 1, PC 7, PC 8, Ren 1, ST 6, KI 1, KI 4, LI 11, gui feng
Ht 8 Classification: Ying spring point Fire point
Ht 8 Indications: Insomnia Incontinence Genital itching fungal infections Sore throat, tongue stiffness
Ht 8 Functions: Clear heat from the heart Calm shen
Ht 6 Classification: Xi cleft
Ht 6 Indications: Insomnia Angina Mania, anxiety, shock Night sweats
Ht 6 Functions: Tonify heart yin Clear heart heat
GB 44 Classification: Jing well
GB 44 Indications: Insomnia with nightmares Eye, ear, or eye inflammation and/or pain Speech disorders, stiff tongue
GB 44 Functions: Clears heat from the heart and gallbladder channels
Animan Indications: Insomnia Dream disturbed sleep Palpitations, restlessness
Animan Functions: Calms the shen Calms the liver
UB 18 Classification: Back-shu point of liver
UB 18 Indications: Pain in sub-costal area, jaundice Eye diseases, epistaxis Vomiting Psychosis Back pain
UB 18 Functions: Moves liver qi Tonifies liver blood Dispels damp heat Dispels wind Benefits the eyes and the sinews
PC6 Classification: Luo connecting point Master point of the yin wei
PC6 Indications: Insomnia Palpitations, chest congestion Cough, asthma Sub-costal pain, chest pain Vomiting, hiccup Dizziness, vertigo Stroke rehabilitation, hemiplegia Spasm and pain of the upper extremities Irritability
PC6 Functions: Opens the chest Regulates qi of the upper and middle jiao Calms the shen Harmonizes the stomach and spleen Relieves nausea and vomiting
Ren 12 Classification: Front-mu point of stomach Converging point of fu Crossing point of Ren and small intestine, san jiao and stomach
Ren 12 Indications: Insomnia Vomiting, hiccup, acid reflux Jaundice Epigastic pain and distention, dyspepsia Cough, copious phlegm
Ren 12 Functions: Tonifies spleen and stomach Dispels damp Stops pain
UB 52 Classification: Outer back-shu of the kidney
UB 52 Indications: Spermatorrhea, impotence Dysuria, edema Lumbar stiffness and pain
UB 52 Functions: Strengthens will power Tonifies kidney qi Benefits urination Strengthens low back
UB 15 Classification: Back-shu point of the heart
UB 15 Indications: Insomnia, poor memory Chest pain and/or pressure Shortness of breath, cough, hematemesis Nocturnal emissions Night sweats
UB 15 Functions: Tonifies heart Calms shen Regulates heart qi Clears heart heat Opens the chest Resolves blood stagnation
UB 52 Classification: Outer back-shu of the kidney
UB 52 Indications: Fear Impotence, spermatorrhea Dysuria Edema Low back stiffness and pain
UB 52 Functions: Tonifies kidney Benefits urination Benefits low back
Du 20 Classification: Crossing point of fu Sea of marrow point
Du 20 Indications: Insomnia Dizziness, vertigo Hemiplegia, aphasia Coma, apoplexy Rectal or uterine prolapse Psychosis
Du 20 Functions: Raises clear yang Descends yang rising Lifts central qi Calms the shen Calms endogenous wind
GB 44 Classification: Jing-well point
GB 44 Indications: Migraine Bloodshot eyes, eye pain Sub-costal pain Tinnitus, deafness Hemiplegia
GB 44 Functions: Calms shen Clears heat Subdues liver yang Benefits the eyes
UB 19 Classification: Back-shu point of gall bladder
UB 19 Indications: Insomnia characterized by waking early with a start Timidity Sub-costal pain, jaundice Bitter taste in mouth Pulmonary tuberculosis, hectic fever
UB 19 Functions: Tonifies gallbladder Regulates gallbladder Dispels damp heat from the liver and gallbladder Dispels shaoyang level disorders
Created by: bastyr41