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M&P ST25-45, SP1-21

ST 26 Regulates qi and alleviates pain (abdominal pain)
ST 27 Benefits kidneys and firms essence (premature ejaculation, seminal emission) +Regulates qi and promotes urination +Moves stagnant qi
ST 28 +Treat problems of fluid metabolism, difficulty w/ urination+Dysmenorrhea due to cold
ST 29 +Dysmenorrhea due to cold +Treats plum pit qi (lump in throat)
ST 30 Point of Sea of water and grain +Helps San Jiao to conduct (regulates qi in lower jiao and penetrating vessel (chong mai) ) +Helps distribute Yuan Qi +Subdues running piglet qi
ST 31 Barrier point of hip +Treat problems of anterior hip flexors +Dispels wind damp(arthritis)
ST 32 +Treat problems of veins of legs +Dispels wind damp (arthritis) +Dispels wind heat (skin diseases)
ST 33 (rarely used)
ST 34 Xi cleft point of stomach +Harmonizes stomach, alleviate pain +Moderate acute conditions of ST, ST channel
ST 35 +Treat knee problems (bursitis, ACL tear,numbness)
ST 36 He Sea (Earth) Horary point -Command point for abdomen +Best point to tonify correct qi/yuan qi/blood/yin for whole body +Treat any ST problems: HCL imbalance, food stasis +Best point for deficiency conditions
ST 37 Lower He Sea of LI, Barrier point, Point of Sea of Blood +Regulates intestines/transforms stagnation (constipation) +Treat anterior shoulder (frozen shoulder)
ST 38 +Benefits deltoid, rheumatological issues
ST 39 Lower He Sea of Small Intestine, Point of Sea of Blood +Regulates SI qi and transforms stagnation (passing Gas from undigested food) +Clears damp heat(Crohn's)
ST 40 Luo Connecting +Transforms dampness and clears phlegm (atherosclerosis, misting) +Shunts qi to SP to control phlegm/dampness +PSE: PTSD (inability to process life's experiences/lessons)
ST 41 Jing River (Fire) Tonification Point +Clear heat from ST channel +Treats slow digestion (lacks heat)
ST 42 (Cautio: dorsalis pedis artery) Yuan source +Harmonizes stomach +Counterflow cold feet (inc. blood flow)
ST 43 (rarely used) Shu Stream (wood)
ST 44 Ying Spring (water) +Clear heat from ST channel +Treat ST yin deficiency (water point), counterflow cold
ST 45 Jing well (metal) -Clear heat from ST channel -Calms spirit, restores consciousness
SP Functions (5) 1. Dominates Transportation and Transformation 2. Controls blood (hold in vessels) 3. Dominates flesh/muscles/4limbs 4. Opens into mouth/lips (taste) 5. Controls raising of qi to counteract sinking/prolapse
SP 1 Jing well (Wood) +Stop bleeding (w/ moxa for nose bleed, spotting, bruising)-> connects to liver to enhance clotting -regulates spleen -restore consciousness
SP 2 Ying spring (Fire), Mother, tonification point +Increase wbcs (CI: autoimmune dz) +Increase pancreas function/enzymes -harmonize middle jiao/clears heat
SP 3 Shu Stream (earth), Yuan source, horary point -Tonifies SP, Harmonizes SP & ST -Nourish yin qi and blood
SP 4 Luo connecting (ST 42), Confluent point of Chong mai (sea of blood or circulatory system meridian) -helps jing qi flow
SP 5 Jing river (metal), Sedation point +Best point for twisted ankle (benefits sinew and bones) -Calms spirit (excessive worrying, thinking, mental activity)
SP 6 Meeting point of SP, LV, and KD channels +Tonify SP, nourish LV blood/yin +Regulates menstruation/urination +Benefits genitals *CI in PREGNANCY (induce labor)
SP 7 (rarely used) -promote urination, body wasting away, even w/ adequate diet
SP 8 Xi CLeft point, +Dispels accumulations (masses-fibroids, cysts, tumors) +Clear blood stasis in lower jiao: xi cleft points on yin channels are good for problems of blood +regulates menstruation, invigorates blood)
SP 9 He Sea (water) +Best point for clearing dampness from body (open/moves water passages and lymph) -Benefits lower jiao
SP 10 +Best anterior point to move blood throughout body (invigorates blood and dispel stasis) -Cools blood by clearing heat (benefits skin-eczema) -harmonizes menstruation
SP 11 (rarely used) -regulates urination, drains damp and clears heat -CI: femoral artery
SP 12 (rarely used) -invigorates blood, regulated qi, nourishes yin, alleviates pain -regulates urination, drains damp and clears heat CI: femoral artery and nerve
SP 13 (rarely used) -regulates qi and alleviates pain (local use) Caution: peritoneal cavity
SP Spirit, virtues Yi, integrity
SP 14 -Warms and benefits lower jiao (moxa)(menstrual irregularities) +gyn issues by regulating qi and descending rebellion Caution: peritoneal cavity
SP 15 +Moves qi and regulates intestines (good for constipation) CI: deep needling may penetrate enlarged LV, SP
SP 16 (rarely used) -regulates intestines (undigeste food, constipation, dysentery) -pair w/ SP2(enzymes) or SP3 CI: deep needling may penetrate enlarged LV, SP
SP 17 (rarely used) -dissipates accumulation of food and fluid and promotes digestion -rib pain CI: pneumothorax
SP 18 (rarely used) +benefits breast and promotes lactation -Regulates and descends LU qi CI: pneumothorax
SP 19 (rarely used) -Regulates and descends LU qi -unbinds chest CI: pneumothorax
SP 20 (rarely used) -Regulates and descends LU qi -unbinds chest CI: pneumothorax
SP 21 Great Luo-Connection of SP (controls flow of many luo channels off of it) -Regulates qi and blood -Unbinds chest and ribs PSE: Supports nourished feeling for those not being emotionally or spiritually fed by life (ie fatigue, fibromyalgia in grief cycl
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