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ISM midterm

Intro to system management midterm 2

What is the order of Precedence? Parenthesis, exclamatory, multiplication/division, subtraction/addition
Computers read from ____ to _____ if all arithmetic operators are the same. left, right
What are operands? The numbers in the equation
What are operators? The symbols in the equations?
What is a spreadsheet? A spreadsheet is an electronic file used to organize related data.
What is a worksheet? A worksheet is a spread sheet that contains formulas, values, texts and visual aids.
What is a workbook? A workbook is file containing related worksheets.
A cell is the _____ of a row and column. The intersection.
A cell address or cell reference names a________. cell
What's an active cell? The cell that is being worked with. The highlighted one.
What can you put in a cell? Text(labels), values(numbers), dates and formulas.
What is autofill? Autofill enables you to copy the content of a cell or range or to continue a series using the fill handle.
What does moving a worksheet do? Moving a worksheet changes its order among sheet tabs.
What does copying a worksheet do? Copying a worksheet makes a duplicate sheet at a new location.
What is a range? A range is a rectangular group of cells
What is an address? The address is at the top left cell to the bottom right cell
How many different types of addresses do we have and what are they? 2, Absolute- never changes when copied and relative- changes when copied
What is in the format cells dialog box? Number, change alignment and shrink to fit
What is the difference between application and system software? System software coordinates instructions and application software programs are used to complete tasks.
What is word processing software? Used to create and edit documents.
What is an open source? You can change the program to the way you want it
What is database software? It is used to store and organize data
What is intergrated software applications? Is a single program that incorporates many software programs.
What is software suites? It is a collection of standalone software and programs packaged together and share common menus and toolbars.
What are types of digital audio software? MP3, WAV, WMA, AIFF (compressed audio formats), MP4 (compressed video formats).
What is MP3? A type of digital music a compressed audio format.
What is the sum, highest value, lowest value, average and count function and how many arguments do they have? =sum(range)it adds everything up, =max(range) finds highest value, =min(range) finds lowest value, =average(range) finds the average, =count(range) counts the numbers up, all have 1 argument.
What is a Quickbook? It helps small business owners
Large business software is used where? Across a variety of industries
What does the large business software include? -Business & marketing plan software, -Customer relationship management (CRM) -Enterprise resource planning (ERP)
What is a vertical market software? It is tailored to the needs of a particular industry
What is a horizontal market? Is for a wide group of people using it, example Microsoft
What is Computer Aided Design (CAD) & Computer Aided Manufacture (CAM) Used to create 3-D models
Always check a license for? -Ultimate owner of software -Number of installations allowed per license
What is per seat? Every computer has access to the software
What is concurrent? The first 500 users have access to the software.
What is the difference between freeware & shareware? Freeware is copyrightes software you can use for free and shareware is software that allows users to run it for a limited time for free.
What are the software versions? Numbers used to represent major and minor upgrades.
Always read minimum standards for what? Operating system, processor, RAM, and hard drive capactiy
What is a print driver? It is a software that allows a computer to work with the printer
What does ######## mean? It means the cell is to small, increase the width
What is circular reference? Its when the formula is using its own address, referring to itself
What is Syntax? It is a set of rules that govern correct formation of a function
What is an argument? Is an input, such as a cell or range
How many logical operators does excel have? 6
When do you use a bar/column chart? When you compare things.
When do you use a pie chart? Percentages, ratios together.
What is the most important thing a company has? Data
What is the smallest piece of data you can put into a computer? Bit
What is the hierarchy? -Bit -Bytes -Fields -Records -Files -Database
What is DBMS? Database management system, it lets you organize and create the hierarchy
What is the purpose of data types? Allow users what they can and cannot put in
What is a primary key? A primary key is a field that should be unique for each record used to find each record
What is a form? A form is a screen test that deals with a user (1 record)
What is the difference between report & form? A report doesnt have interaction and is printable and form can be interacted and cannot be printed
What is a query? A question that asks the database something
What are the different types of data types? -Text -Memo -Number -Date/Time -Currency -Autonumber -yes/no
How do you insert the data type text? =' '
How do you insert the data field? =# #
What is a stacked column? Puts data on top of each other
What is a cluster column? Puts data next to eachother
Created by: Roseheart05