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Rutiri-Wd Processing

Computer Applications Word Processing

a full-featured work processing program that allows you to create professional-looking documents and revise them easily. Microsoft Office 2007
the portion of a document able to be viewed through the screen. Document Window
Shows the document on a mock sheet of paper in the document window. Print Layout View
blinking vertical bar that indicates where text, graphics, and other items will be inserted. Insertion Point
: becomes different shapes depending on the task you are performing in Word and the pointer’s location on the screen. Mouse Pointer
used to display different portions of a document in the document window. Scroll Bar
located at the bottom of the document window above the Windows Vista taskbar, presents information about the document, the progress of current tasks, and the status of certain commands and keys; it also provides controls for viewing the document. Status Bar
located near the top of the Word window, is the control center in Word. The ribbon provides easy, central access to the tasks you perform while creating a document. 10. Home Tab: primary tab contains the more frequently used commands. Ribbon
primary tab contains the more frequently used commands. Home Tab
to return to the Home tab, click Home on the Ribbon. The tab currently displayed is called the active tab. Active Tab
a set of choices, often graphical, arranged in a grid or in a list. Gallery
a feature that allows you to point to a gallery choice and see its effect in the document- without actually selecting the choice. Live Preview
by contrast, is a window that can remain open and visible while you work in the document. Task Pane
appears automatically based on tasks you perform. Contains commands related to changing the appearance of text in a document. Mini Toolbar
appears when you right-click an object, is a list of frequently used commands that relate to the right-clicked object. Shortcut menu
a central location for managing and sharing documents. When you click the Office Button menu, Word displays a dialog box with additional options. Office Button
contains a list of commands. Menu
a list of additional commands associated with the selected command. Submenu
keyboard code icon, for certain commands. Appears by pressing the ALT key. Key Tip Badge
sometimes called a “nonprinting character,” is a character that Word displays on the screen but is not visible on a printed document. Formatting Mark
allows you to type words in a paragraph continually without pressing the ENTER key at the end of each line. Wordwrap
a saved document File
is the name assigned to a file when it is saved. File Name
typeface, defines the appearance and shape of the letters, numbers, and special characters in Word, the default from usually is Calibri. Font
specifies the size of the characters and is determined by a measurement system called points. Font Size
about 1/72 of one inch in height. The default font size in Word typically is 11. Point
named group of formatting characteristics, including font and font size. Style
most likely uses 11- point Calibri font. Normal Style
while using Word, you can find answers to questions and display information about various topics using this. This form of assistance can increase your productivity and reduce your frustrations by minimizing the time you spend learning how to use Word. Word Help
The main elements of the _____ include the Ribbon, Mini toolbar, and Office Button. Word Window
_____ formatting is the process of changing the way letters, numbers, punctuation marks, and symbols appear on the screen and in print. Character
A _____ consists of a group of frequently used styles formatted so they look pleasing when used together. style set
To delete a character in a document, click next to the character and then press the ____ key to erase to the left of the insertion point backspace
What is the command to move to the end of a document? CTRL + END
The _____ on the right side of the menu bar lets users type free-form questions, such as how do I save, or terms, such as copy, and Word responds by displaying a list of topics related to the word or phrase entered. Type words to search for text box
The home tab, called the primary tab, contains the more frequently used commands. True
The scroll arrow is located at the end of a scroll bar. True
# Switch to edit mode removeRemove points Word provides an Undo button that can be used to cancel the most recent command or action. True
Resizing a graphic only includes enlarging but not reducing the size of the graphic. False
Each theme has a font set that defines formats for two fonts: one for headings and another for body text. True
Created by: eva_rutiri