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Wireless Communicati

Chapter 1 Intro to Wireless Communications

What is Ultra Wide Band technology primarily used for? connecting devices inside the home at very high speeds
What are Bluetooth devices that communicate using small radio transceivers that are built onto microprocessor chips called? radio modules
What provides a standard way to transmit, format, and display Internet data on cell phones? WAP
How many Mbps (million bits per second) can IEEE 802.11g devices send and receive data? up to 54 Mbps
What special software is used by each Bluetooth devices to help identify other Bluetooth devices? link manager
Can Bluetooth send data through physical barriers, like walls? true
Can Bluetooth devices transmit data at up to 1 Mbps over a distance of 33 feet (10 meters)? true
Does a wireless network interface card perform basically the same functions and looks identical to a traditional network interface (NIC) card? It looks similar to a traditional NIC, but has an antenna built into it and is not connected by a cable.
Does an earth station transmit to a satellite at one frequency and the satellite regenerates and transmits the signal back to earth at another frequency? Yes
What are the disadvantages of a WLAN? Radio signal interference, security issues, and health risks
The automatic connection between various Bluetooth devices creates a network called a(n) ________. piconet or wireless personal area network (WPAN)
What is the maximum speed that the third generation (3G) cellular technology will allow data to be transmitted? up to 2 Mbps
What does the wireless NIC send its signals through invisible radio waves to? an access point
What uses wireless transmissions for data communications as much as 35 miles apart? WMAN (wireless metropolitan area network)
What is the role of an access point in a WLAN?
What does WAP stand for? Wireless Application Protocol
How does a WAP cell phone work to send and receive Internet data?
How can a WLAN be used in a classroom?
How can wireless networks reduce installation time?
How can implementing a wireless network be helpful in case of disaster recovery?
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