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NESA CHM Comp Tx Str

NESA CHM Comp Exam Treatment Strategies

What are the 8 treatment strategies? sweat, vomit, purge, harmonize, warm, clear, reduce, tonify
What is the function of the Chief herb in a formula? Provides the main therapeutic action to address the MC
What is the function of the Deputy herb in a formula? Enhance or assist chief
What is the function of the Assistant herb in a formula? Tx secondary complaint, moderate harshness/toxicity, assist via the opposite direction, assist tx MC
What is the function of the Envoy herb in a formula? Harmonizing
What is the effect of Mutual Accentuation? Both herbs accentuate therapeutic actions together
What is the effect of Mutual Enhancement? One herb enhances the therapeutic action of the other
What is the effect of Mutual Counteraction? One herb counteracts the side effects of the other
What is the effect of Mutual Suppression? Toxicity or side effects are suppressed by both herbs
What is the effect of Mutual Antagonism? Both herbs antagonize each others positive effects neutralizing them
What is the effect of Mutual Incompatibility? Both herbs combined give rise to toxicity or side effects not found when used alone
What is Single Effect? Use of one herb alone, no combination issues
How much does 1 liang weigh? 30 g
How much does 1 qian weigh? 3 g
How much does 1 fen weigh? .3 g
How much does 1 li weigh? .03 g
What are the Four Qi? Hot, Cold, Warm, Cool + Neutral + Slightly Cold and Slightly Warm
What are the Five Tastes? Acrid, Sweet, Bitter, Sour, Salty and Bland
What three herbs are incompatible with Gan Cao? Da Ji (Harsh Expellant), Hai Zao (Transform Phlegm, Cool Herbs), Gan Sui (Harsh Expellant)
What 6 herbs are incompatible with Li Lu? Ren Shen (T. Qi), Sha Shen (Aromatic for Damp), Dan Shen (Invigorate Blood), Ku Shen (Clear Damp Heat), Bai Shao (T. Blood), Xi Xin (RE W/C)
What foods should be avoided when taking herbs? Raw, cold or greasy
What herbal text provides the theoretical background for herbal medicine, but not much about the use of herbs? Huang Di Nei Jing
According to the Shen Nong Ben Cao Jing the three herbal grade categories treat which conditions? Upper grade tx life, middle grade tx constitutional types and lower grade expels disease
What are the two books written by Zhang Zhong-Jing that serve as the source for all herbal prescription manuals? Discussion of Cold Damage and Essentials from the Golden Cabinet
What text is the first illustrated Materia Medica? Tang Ben Cao, 659AD
Who is China's most celebrated herbalist and what is the name of his book published in 1596? Li Shi-Zhen's Grand Materia Medica
Created by: kirem