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Mine Gases

Mine Rescue

Oxygen (O2) Specific Gravity: 1.1054 Explosive:Supports combustion hazards: Oxygen deficiency: 17% panting, 15% dizziness and headache, 9% unconsciousness, 6% death Solubility: moderate
Nitrogen (N2) Specific Gravity: 0.9674 Health Hazards: Asphyxiant(oxygen depletion) Solubility: Slight
Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Specific Gravity: 1.5291 Health Hazards: increases breathign rate. May cause death in high concentration Solubility: soluble Taste: Acid in high concentrations Cause: product of complete combustion. Produced by oxidation, decaying timbers, breathing
Carbon Monoxide (CO) Specific Gravity: 0.9672 Explosive: 12.5%-74.2% Hazards: highly toxic, can be an asphyxiant Solubility: slight
Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2 or N2O4) Specific Gravity: 1.5894 Haxards: highly toxic, corrosive effect on lungs may be asphyxiant Solubility: only slight Color: reddish brown Odor: blast powder fumes Taste: blast powder fumes
Hydrogen (H2) Specific Gravity: 0.0695 Explosive: 4-74.2% in 4% O2 Hazards: asphyxiant
Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Specific Gravity: 1.1906 Explosive: 4.3-45.5% Hazards: highly toxic. can be asphyxiant Solubility: soluble Odor: rotten eggs Taste: sweetish
Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) Specific Gravity: 2.2638 Hazards: highly toxic can be asphyxiant Solubility: highly Odor: sulfurous taste: acid (bitter)
Methane (CH4) Specific Gravity: 0.5545 Explosive: 5-15% in 12.5% O2 Hazards: Rare asphyxiant Solubility: slight
Ethane (C2H6) Specific Gravity: 1.0493 Explosive: 3-12.5% Hazards: rare asphyxiant Solubility: slight
Propane (C3H8) Specific Gravity: 1.5625 Explosive: 2.12-9.35% Hazards: rare asphyxiant Solubiltiy: slight Odor: Gassy in high concentrations
Butane (C4H10) Specific Gravity: 2.0100 Explosive: 1.86-8.41% Hazards: rare asphyxiant Solubiltiy: slight Odor: gassy in high concentrations
Acetylene (C2H2) Specific Gravity: 0.9107 Explosive: 2.5-80% Hazards: slightly toxic and rare asphyxiant Solubility: only slightly Tastes: Garlic
Radon (Rn) Specific Gravity: 7.526 Hazards: exposure to radiation Solubility: Highly
Created by: quickchick92