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Beorn the Proud

Vocabulary found in the book Beorn the Proud by Madeleine Polland

monastery a building where monks or nuns work, live and worship
pillage steal goods; take as spoils
curragh a type of Irish boat with a wooden frame over which animal skins are stretched.
chalice a bowl shaped drinking cup
wattle a mat of woven sticks and weed used in wall construction
oratory a room for prayer
malice feeling a need to see others suffer
disconsolate sad beyond comforting
reluctant unwilling to do something
vain conceited or full of pride
frailty the state of being weak
inlet a body of water that leads into a coast, such as a bay or cove
melancholy a gloomy state of mind
dyke a dam or barrier made to keep out the sea.
exasperated greatly annoyed
desolate barren or laid waste
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