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Tom Sawyer LC 1-8

Tom Sawyer Vocabulary

Perplexed To feel completely baffled.
Sagacity Having shown keen mental discrenment and good judgement.
Derision Contemptuous ridicule or mockery.
Ambuscade Attack from an ambush.
Adamantine Unbreakable.
Melancholy Deep, pensive, and long lasting sadness.
Tranquilly Free from disturbance.
alacrity Brisk and cheerful readiness.
furtive Attempting to avoid notice or attention, typically because of guilt or a belief that discovery would lead to trouble.
morosely Sullen and ill-tempered.
effusion An instance of giving off something such as a liquid,light, or smell.
adherent Someone who supports a particular party or person or set of ideas.
abash Cause to feel embarrassed or ashamed.
ostentation Pretentious and vulgar display of wealth.
frivolity Not having any serious purpose or value.
accouterments Additional items of dress or equipment.
Shorn To break off.
mortified Cause to feel embarrassed or ashamed.
fetters A chain or manacle used to restrain a prisoner typically around the ankles.
facetious treating serious issues with deliberately inappropriate humor.
Created by: Dr. Awesome