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Dash 1: Chapter 1


Basic empty weight of the t-6? 4900 lbs
Maximum takeoff grossweight? 6500 lbs
Free turbine turboprop eninge fat rated shaft horsepower is? 1100 SHP
What are the two independent sections of the T-6 engine? Power Turbuine and Gas Generation
Oil Capacity of the T-6? 18.5 Quarts
Diameter of the propeller? 97"
Oil level must be serviced within how many minutes? 30 Min
When should you check the oil for most accurate results? 15-20 Min
How long is the T-6? 33' 4"
How wide is the T-6? 33' 5"
How tall is the T-6? 10' 8"
How wide is the horizontal stabilizer? 11' 4"
With oil indicating normal and illuminate of both amber and red OIL PX annunciators, what is is typically caused by? Signal Conditioning Unit (SCU) Failure
What is the power turbine output shaft speed? 30,000 RPM
The Reduction Gearbox reduces turbine output shaft speed to what RPM? 2,000
Oil pressure between 15 and 40 PSI causes which annunciator? after 5 seconds? (at idle power) Amber OIL PX then Red OIL PX in addtion to the other one after 5 seconds
What annunciator will be shown for oil presures less than 15 PSI at idle power? Red OIL PX
Oil presure between 40-90 PSI above idle yields what annunciator? Amber OIL PX
Below 40 PSI above idle power will yield which annunciator? Red OIL PX
100% torque is available to what altitude? 12,000-16,000 MSL
What provides power to the PMU and at how many volts? Permanent Magnet Alternator @ 32 VAC
IOAT and ITT indications will be unreliable when the PMU is activated above what temperature? 96 Degrees Celcius
What temperature will the PMU shutdown? IOAT greater than 121 degrees celcius
ST ready must be illuminated for how many seconds prior to engine start? 3 Seconds
PMU fail and PMU STATUS annunciators indicate what? System is in manual mode
PMU status illuminartes under what condition? Fault detected in flight not serious enough to cause the PMU to go into manual mode, and 1 min after WOW is activated
What causes a PMU STATUS annunciator in flight? What is a key consideration? Mismatch in the WOW switch, the PMU will not revert to ground idle when on ground (longer LDG roll)
What does the mechanical firewall shutoff handle cutoff? Fuel, hydraulics and bleed air
Fuel System contains how much fuel with single point refueling? what about wingover method of fueling? 1100 lbs; 1200 lbs
How much fuel is in the collector tank? 40 Lbs
What does the auto balance system aim to keep the fuel level between the tanks? Within 20 lbs
When does the transfer valved in the auto balance fuel system activate? Imbalance of 20 lbs for greater then 30 seconds
When will the FUEL BAL annunciator come on? Fuel balance is not reduced to less than thirty in 2 minutes
When dues the red FUEL PX annunciator come on? Fuel pressure less than 10 PSI
When do you get the L/R FUEL LO light? Fuel less than 110 lbs in the tank
When is the amber section range of the fuel tanks? Less than 150 lbs
When should you not manually try to balance the fuel tanks? With an FP FAIL indication
The outer probe provides fuel readings until what reading? 445 +/- 50
The middle probe provides fuel readings until what reading? 308 +/- 50 lbs
The inner probe provides fuel readings until what reading? 20 lbs
How many fuel probes are in the fuel system? 7
How long will the collector tank provide fuel when in inverted flight? 15 seconds
The fuel px low pressure switch is located where? Motive flow fuel line
What is the volts and amps provided by the Generator? 28 V / 300 Amps
What is the volts and amps provvided by the Battery? 24 v / 42 Amps
What is the volts and amps provvided by the Aux Battery? 24 V / 5 amps
Below how many volts indicats there is an issue with the battery being charged by the generator? 25 Volts
Do not connect external power if battery voltage is below? 22.0 Volts
With the bus tie switch open and a generator failure how long can you expect your battery to power the bat bus? 30 Min
How many quarts is the hydraulic system? 5 qts
When does the pressure relief valve in the hydraulic system open? 3250-3500 PSI
What is normal hydraulic pressure? 3000 +/- 120 PSI
What is the minimum hydraulic pressure for the normal system to be useful? 1800 PSI
Below what PSI does the hydraulic system indication go to amber? Below 1800 PSI
When will a HYDR FL LO come on? Below one quart of hydraulic fluid
When is the EHYD PX LO light come on? Below 2400 PSI +/- 150 in the mergency accumulator
What will the fuse in the emergency hydraulic system limit a leak to? .25 GPM
A normal gear extension takes how long? 6 Seconds
What are the three conditions in which the landing gear position warning will sound? 1. Gear handle not down, flaps up or T/O, PCL below mid range 2. All gear not down and locked with flaps LDG 3. Weight on wheels with the gear handle not down.
The Nose wheel is free castoring up to how many degrees? 160
Is normal flap operation available with Aux battery? What about Emergency Flap Operation? No; No
What does the TAD sense? Torque, altitude, airspeed, and pitch
The primpary pitot tube is located on which wing? The Right
The primary static ports are located where? One on the upper right aft side, and the other the lower left aft port
What is powered through the hot battery bus? Battery Switch ELT FDR OBOGS Ram Air Emergency Flaps Time = Clock BEFORE TIME
What is powered by the Aux Bat? Standbys Lights (STBY) UHF (back up) Fire 1 SLUF
After complete electrical failure to the STBY attitude indicator how long will it be working? to what accuracy? 9 minutes; 6 dgrees
Testing the LOW AOA gauge position, what will your indications be? AOA = 10.5 +/-.25 and an Amber Donut
Testing the HIGH AOA gauge position, what will your indications be? AOA = 18.0 +/-.25 and Green Chevron plus stick shaker
Maximum Endurance AOA is? and symbol? 8.8 White diamond
Max Range AOA is? and symbol? 4.9 and white triangle
Stick shaker is activated when? 5-10 Knots above stall speed, 15.5 AOA
The Canopy Fracturing System is made up of what charges and where? Flexible Linear Shape Change (Front transparency) and Mild Detonating Chord (Rear Transparency)
If you pull either CFS handle will both fracture? No
The front windscreen is rated to withstand how heavy of a bird strike at what air speed? 270 KIAS 4 lbs
How many hooks and microswitches on the canopy? 5 Hooks 4 Micro Switches
Which transparency on the canopy is thicker? The Front Transparancy
Can the CFS handle be reset by pushing down? No
How long is the external CFS handle and how many pounds of force to activate it? Will it blow both CFS transparencies? 10' 15-25 lbs; yes
The ejection seat is rated at what altitude and airspeed to a maximum of what altitude and airspeed? 0 KIAS - 370 KIAS, 0' - 35,000'
Mountainous terrain exceeding what altitude should the MOR handle be used? 8,000 MSL
When should the MOR handle be used? If desired seat CFS seperation is above 14,000 MSL
What kind of parachute do we have? GQ 5000
Emergency oxygen will last for how many minutes? 10 Minutes
Emergency Oxygen is pressurized to what? 1800-2500 PSI
There is a what delay between the front and rear ejection seat? 0.37 seconds
What is engine bleed air used for? Canopy Presuurization seal, anti-g system, cockpit heating + defog, pressurization, OBOGS
When does the DUCT TEMP come on? 300 degrees farenheit
The pressure safety valve in the anti g system activates when the pressure exceeds? 7 PSI
The auto control on the ECS panel keeps the cockpit withing how many degrees? 60 to 90 degrees farenheit
When will the heat exchanger bypass valve close? When the temperature controller detecs a greater than 165 deg farenheit reading
When the defog is switched to off how long does it take to close? 40 seconds
Differential pressure of 3.6 +/-0.2 are the highest readings expected up until what altitude? 18,069 MSL
The CKKPT ALT comes on when? Cockpit Altitude > 19,000
The red CKPT PX comes on when? 3.9 - 4.0 PSI
The RMU UHF comm can store how many frequencies? 20
The RMU VHF comm can store how many frequencies? 20
The RMU NAV can store how many frequencies? 10
How long will the ELT transmit for? 50 hours
OBOGS TEMP annunciator will illuminate when? 200 degrees farenheit
What fuels are approved for the T-6? JP-4, JP-5, JP-8, JP-8+100, JET A, JET A-1, JET B
Main geat tire pressure is? 225 +/-5 or 185+/-5 PSI (USAF)
Nosewheel tire pressure is? 120 +/-5 PSI
An Operating procedure or technique which could result in personal injury or loss of life is? A Warning
An Operating procedure or technique which could result in damage to the aircraft is? A Caution
An operating procedure, technique, etc., which is considered essential to emphasize is a? Note
The PT6A-68 free turbine turboprop engine is a reverse flow design with air entering the engine from the front. False
At 100% indicated torque, the engine is producing approximately ________ of torque at the prop shaft 2900 ft-lbs ≈ 2750 lbs thrust at SL
Momentarily placing the starter switch in the AUTO/RESET position ________. Engages the starter and energizes the spark ignition system
What is the only acceptable method for getting a correct indication of oil level? Dipstick
Due to the sensitivity of the SCU, a single, momentary illumination of the amber OIL PX annunciator while maneuvering indicates a system malfunction. False
What does a red CHIP annunciator indicate? Contaminated Oil
What accessories are mounted on the reduction gearbox? a. Prop interface unit (PIU), torque probe, Permanent magnetic alternator (PMA) (on top), and the air conditioning compressor (belt driven) (on right side)
The propeller system is designed to maintain a constant speed of? 2000 RPM
What are the three basic conditions of propeller pitch? a. Feathered b. low pitch (flat or fine) c. high pitch (coarse)
Normally, propeller governing is automatically set by the ____ and ____. PMU and PIU
If oil pressure is lost in the propeller system, what will the prop do? Feather
Power for the feather dump solenoid valve is provided through which circuit breaker? Prop Sys
With the PMU functioning, the _______________ will modulate oil pressure to the prop pitch change piston to limit Np to 106%, while electronic governor will keep Np at 100%. With the mechanical overspeed governor
If PMU is not functioning, the ______________ will modulate oil pressure to maintain Np at or below 100+/-2 %. Flyweight overspeed governor (checked in hammerhead)
During an auto start or normal operations with the ignition set to NORM, the ____ will energize and de-energize the igniters as required. PMU
What items are displayed on the Primary Engine Data Display? Torque, N1, Np, IOAT, ITT (all processed by PMU)
What items are displayed on the Alternate Engine Data Display? Torque, N1, cockpit press alt, cockpit press differential, fuel flow, fuel quantity, and RITT
What is the only item on the AEDD that is processed by the PMU? Torque
What items are on the Engine/Systems/NACWS display? oil press and temp, hyd press, DC volts and amps, and NACWS traffic alerts
True or False. If EDM FAIL, EDM A FAIL, or EDM B FAIL are displayed on any of the respective displays, everything displayed is invalid. False, only those items replaced by amber dashes and/or with missing pointers are affected
Above ______ feet MSL the PMU raises N1 to maintain Np above 80% to avoid stress on the propeller during spins. 10,000 MSL
Relation of PCL position to power setting is _______ with the PMU operating. Linear
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