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Java Input


comparison operators operators used to compare the value of of numbers as greater than, less than, equal to or not equal too and resolves as true or false
concatenation joining different types of data into one output line of code
conditional expression an expression that can be evaluated as true or falsed based upon comparison of values or results of methods
constant a storage location for data that has value that will not change.. Such as PI
counter also called an accumulator - a running total where the value of is added to the current total each time it's executed
declaration statement a line of code that identifies (declares) the data type and names the identifier of the variable
dialog box a small window that displays messages and can acccept user input
double data type that stores numbers with up to 15 decimal positions as double floating point values
equality operators also called relational operators, or comparison operators
ERROR_MESSAGE the constant used to display a red X icon on a dialog box
event handlers methods that specify what will happen when an event is sent to the listener intervace, such as key event or mouse event
exit() method method used to terminate an GUI application
float data type that stores numbers with up to 7 decimal places as single floating point values
getText() method method used to get text from a label, textfield or other AWT or Swing component that uses text
INFORMATION_MESSAGE the constant used to display a blue letter "I" on a dialog box
InputStreamReader Java class (object) that reads what's stored in the computer's buffer, and wraps it to present to the program
instantiate The process of constructing, or delcaring an object from a previously defined class
int data type that stores whole number values in a 32-bit location (not greater than 29387 or less than -86421)
ItemEvent the class usedd to identify when a user selects or deselects an item such as a checkbox or an option button
ItemListener the listener used to watch for an item event
java.awt.event package Java package that provides interfaces and classes for dealing with AWT components,
javax.swing Java package the provides lightweight Java-based GUI components
JOptionPane a class used to display standard dialog boxes
KeyEvent the class used to identify when a user presses a key
KeyListener the listener used to listen for key events
long data type that stores whole number values in a 64 bit location
Math class class part of the java.lang package that contains useful mathematical functions such as round, exponentiation, randomizing and square roots
max() method method used to return the higher of two compared numbers
min() method method used to return the lower of two compared numbers
modal A type of dialog box that forces the user to complete an action before continuing
modulus operator the percent sign, also called the remainder, as it divides two integers and returns only the left over amount - 9%2=1
MouseEvent the class used to identify when a user performs a mouse action
MouseListener the listener used to listen for mouse events
parse() method method in the wrapper class that convers strings to numeric data types, for example parseInt() or parseDouble()
PLAIN_MESSAGE the constant used when no icon is necessary on a dialog box
pow() method method used to express exponentiation requirng the base number and the exponent separated by a comma
primitive data types a datatype structured to hold single items, such as integer, character, floating point, and true/false values.
promotes temporarily changing a smaller data type to a larger one before evaulating an expression such as integer promoted to a float
QUESTION_MESSAGE the constant used to display a green question mark on a dialog box
random() method method used to generate a random float number
readLine() method method from the BufferedReader class tha reads the inputted text and returns a string containing the contents of the line
reference data type a data type whose value is an address because it holds object types not values
relational operators also called comparison operators or equality operators
round() method method used to round a float to an integer
scope where the variable, reference or method can be seen and recognized has having value
short data type that stores whole number values in 16-bit location (values from -32768 to 32767)
sqrt() method method used to determine the square root of numbers
stream data flowing into or out of a program
System.err System class that sends prompts and error messagse to the screen for capture
System.in System class that accepts input from the keyboard buffer using the InputStreamReader
System.out System class that sends output to the display or directs output to a file
TextEvent the class used to identify what happens when the user changes text in a text box
TextListener the listener used to listen for text events
throws IOException a line of code that gives the program a way to acknowledge and handle potential input or output errors, and still compile correctly
WARNING_MESSAGE the constant used to display a yellow exclamation point on a dialog box
WindowEvent the class used to identify what happens when the window changes, such as open or close
WindowListener the listener used to watch for window events
wrapper class a class used to help primitive data types conform to their Object class counterparts
equality operator use of the double equal sign (==) to compare if two values are equal. Not to be confused with the assignment (=) operator.
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