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Java Output

Keywords using in Java Output unit

java.applet package the classes to create an applet or for an applet to communicate with another applet
java.awt Java package with the Abstract Window Toolkit for creating using interfaces and painting graphics and images
java.awt.event package interfaces and classes for dealing with AWT components, such as button clicks and key press events
java.io package to support system input and output via streams, serialization and the file system
java.lang package necessary to the Java language such as data types, threads, strings and others
java.net package used for networking and client/server applications
java.util package for date and time, internationalization, and miscellaneous utilities
javax.swing Java package the provides lightweight Java-based GUI components
keywords or reserved words words used as commands in Java that cannot be used as class names or identifiers
Line comment a single line comment that begins with two forward slashes and is used to describe a single line of code
literal data inside quotes that will be displayed exactly as entered in code
logic error an error that occurs when the program works, but does not process as intended
main() method the starting point of all Java program for execution. May call other methods
method header code that notifies the compiler of the method's attributes, type of data it will generate (if any) name of the method and any additional parameters
method modifier used to set the visibility of the method to other methods
pant() method method to graphically draw text and images on the screen
parameter data received by the method to perform an operation
println() method the method of the System class that returns its value to the specified device, such as the out (default output) device
prototype a functional working model of a proposed system, created to make sure it meets users' needs
keyword public an access modifier in the class header that indicates the code can be accessed by all objects in the program, and extended to another class.
reference variable a type of variable that refers to an object instance, not something stored in data
return value the result or answer of a method to be returned, usually expressed with a data type.
run-time error an error, also called an exception, that occurs when an unexpected condition prevents the program from continuing to run
Selector Window The window in the upper-left corner of Textpad that displays a list of open Textpad files
semantic error an error that changes the meaning of the code, usually indicated by "cannot resolve symbol" or other unrecognizable code errors
setBackground() method method with the Color object to set the background color of the applet window
setFont() method method to set the type of text used in the applet window
setForeground() method method with the Color object to set the foreground (or text) color of the applet window
setSize() method method to set the size of the applet window
static method modifier that means the method is unique and can be invoked without creating a subclass or instance
syntax error an error caused by a code statement that violates one of the rules in the Java program (usually typing errors)
System class class containing class variables and methods for standard input, output, and utilities
system date the current date and time generated by the operating system of a computer
system error error which occurs when a system command is not set properly, software is installed incorrectly, or stored files have changed location
toString() method method to convert a non-string type of data to String
variable a location in computer memory that holds data, and can change the value of that data while the program is running
void keyword that indicates the return value of a method is nothing
Created by: melissagoodall