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7-3 Revolutions

Estates General The French Legislature. In 1789 Louis XVI asked them for taxes.
Bastille A French Prison
Declaration of the Rights of Man Modeled after the American Declaration of Independence
Touissant L’Overture Led a slave revolt in Haiti
Simon Bolivar Led revolutions in Venezuela and other L Am Countries
Jose de San Martin Led independence movements in Argentina and Chile
Miguel Hidalgo Led revolutions in Mexico
Trade Union A group that meets with employers to make decisions
Socialism A political and economic system in the government controls production
Wilhelm I and Otto von Bismarck Worked to unite Germany
Nationalism Love and loyalty for ones country
Giuseppe Garibaldi & Camillo de Cavour Worked to unite Italy
Scientific Revolution A time of tremendous growth in the sciences
Ptolemy and the Catholic Church Believed the earth was at the center of the universe
Copernicus and Galileo Believed the sun was at the center of the universe
First Estate Clergy
Second Estate Nobles
Third Estate Peasants (poor) and Bourgeoisie (middle class)
French Revolution This event started because the third estate wanted everyone to pay fair taxes
Reign of Terror Robespierre was in control, many people were executed
Napoleon Bonaparte A military leader during the French revolution. By 1799 he took control of the government.
Napoleonic Wars Thousands of soldiers were killed and the French people eventually removed Napoleon from power
Congress of Vienna Europeans put the map back as it was before Napoleon
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