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CDolphin - Reading

EHS - Spelling - Words Often Confused

WordMeaningContext Sentence
all ready all prepared You seem all ready to play
already previously; before I've already read that book
all together all in the same place We are all together at last!
altogether entirely; I'm altogether happy for you
ascent a rise of climb Our ascent up the hill was slow
assent consent; agree He gave his assent to our plan
capital seat of government; money The capital of Ohio is Columbus. It takes capital to start a business
capitol a government building The capitol has a gold dome
clothes wearing apparel Put your clothes in the closet
cloths pieces of fabric Use those cloths to wash the floor
complement to make complete Trust complements friendship
compliment to express respect I must compliment the artist
desert a dry region; to leave Sand covers the desert.; Don't desert the ship Captain.
dessert part of a meal for dessert, we had cake
ingenious clever; skillful Tupac was a ingenious rapper
ingenuous innocent; trusting His ingenuous parents believed his lies
its possesive form of it Take the plant out of its pot
it's contraction of it is, or it has It's been great to see you
lead n. a heavy metal/ v. to guide The pipe was made of lead/Who will lead the parade
led v. past tense of lead They led us to the store
loose free; not tight This rope is too loose
lose to suffer loss Don't lose your car keys
miner worker in a mine The miners found silver
minor unimportant He has a minor role in the movie
moral good A moral person is honest
morale spirit The team's morale was high
principal head of school/most important Our principal is Dr. Smith/My principal goal is to behave
principle rule; truth I support the principle of honesty
stationary fixed You can't move a stationary item
stationery writing paper I wrote on my new stationery
your possessive of you Here is your key
you're contraction for you are I hope you're satisfied
Created by: jdolphin