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Operating Systems

Module 2

Virtual Computer
Virtual Machine
Windows Virtual PC
Virtual Machine •Creation of a virtual environment •Involves hardware and software •Often used to run multiple operating systems simultaneously oTesting and developmental uses oProduction uses
Growth and Use •VM technology is becoming the industry norm •Reduces server growth (power use, air conditioning, building space and land requirements) •Provide high availability for critical applications, streamlines application development and simplify IT operations
Virtual Machine Operation •Traditional PC •Virtual Machine
Virtual Machine Operation - Traditional PC One OS installed on one PC controlling the hardware (only one OS in use at a time)
Virtual Machine Operation - Virtual Machine oBypass the one OS on one PC limitation with a virtual machine monitor (VMM) oVMM allocates physical hardware resources to the virtual machines
Hardware Virtual Machines (hypervisor or virtual machine monitor) (VMware ESXi) •Runs on a PC as the main execution •Allows multiple identical executions (operating systems) on one computer •Allows multiple applications on different operating systems •Allows fast booting/restarting (hardware initialization is not necessary)
Software Virtual Machine (Windows Virtual PC) •Runs as an application on a PC •Provides an environment to run multiple executions (similar to a hardware VM)
Cluster Virtual Machine •Group of computers functioning as one •Creates one environment (creates a very powerful machine)
VMware ESXi Server •Bare-metal hypervisor - installs on a computer without an existing operating system •Bundled with a client-access program (VMware Infrastructure Client ) •Supports virtual appliances and custom made virtual machines
Created by: booaphi