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Historic SC Cases

Historic Supreme Court Cases

Marbury v Madison Established judicial review
McCulloch v Maryland Necessary and Proper clause, and power to tax = power to destroy
Gibbons v Ogden Involved interstate commerce and the powers of Congress
Dred Scott v Sanford Defined the boundary lines for the existence of slavery in the new territories
Plessey v Ferguson Established separate but equal ruling
Schench v United States "A clear and present danger" involving freedom of speech.
Gitlow v New York Violation of the NY Criminal Anarchy Act, freedom of speech and press
Powell v Alabama Right to counsel was required in death penalty cases
Brown v Board of Education Overturned Plessey and integrated schools
NAACP v Alabama Freedom of association under the First Amendment
MAPP v Ohio Unreasonable search and seizure
Abington School District v Schempp First Amendment Prayer in Schools
Gideon v Wainwright Right to free legal counsel
Wesberry v Sanders Each person's vote carries equal measure
Griswold v Connecticut Enumerated powers of the Ninth Amendment
Harper v Virginia Board of Elections Poll taxes violate the 14th Amendment
Miranda v Arizona Right of the accused
In Re Gault Granted some rights to children in the Bill of Rights
Roe v Wade Created controls over abortion in the states
United States v Nixon Limited the President's "Executive Privilege"
Regents of the University of California at Davis v Bakke Limited Affirmative Action
Swann v Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools Busing was ruled as a viable option to promote integration within the schools
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