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Linux+ Ch12 DNS

DNS flash cards focused on Linux+ exam objectives

hostname look-ups dig, host, nslookup all perform hostname look-ups through DNS
zone a DNS delegation point that maps to a domain
Forward Zone used for mapping hostnames to IP addresses
Reverse Zone used for mapping IP addresses to hostnames
zone file '*.zone' file located in /var/named/ that contains resource records
Root Hints files in DNS servers that contain host information and addresses of the root DNS servers Points to authoritative DNS servers for external name resolution
namespace unique portion of FQDN (srvA.domain.com and srvB.domain.com)
Zone File Directives specify task to be performed by name server abd settings of a zone. always begins with '$'
$INCLUDE configures named daemon to include extra zone files in the current zone file
$ORIGIN appends domain name to NetBIOS names
$TTL sets default Time To Live (TTL) value for zone.
DNS resolver client based software program that sends DNS requests to servers both local and remote (external)
Primary or Master DNS Server maintains original information about zones and zone records
Secondary or Slave DNS Server processes requests send by other name servers to resolve hostnames
Caching Only DNS Server provides name to IP resolution not authoritative cached results are controlled by TTL settings
Forwarding DNS Server forwards DNS requests to a specific list of DNS servers
Berkeley Internet Name Domain (BIND) domain name service that resolvs hostnames to IP addresses named is the daemon it sits on
stub Resolver DNS resolver that increases name resolution speed by querying multiple DNS servers references the /etc/nsswitch.conf for query priority
dig interacts with DNS servers and displays results to users.
dig -b sets source IP for the query and queries DNS servers using that IP
dig -f enables queries based on processes listed in the specified file
dig -p specifies the port to send queries through
dig -4 forces IPv4 protocol
dig -6 forces IPc6 protocol
dig -t (query type) sets query type ( soa, axfir, ixfir and MX
dig -* +tcp set resolver to use TCP service to query
dig -* +domain=(name) create search list for desired domains
dig -* +search configure resolver to user search list specified in /etc/resolv.conf file
dig -* +nssearch configure resolver to search for name servers based on zone
dig -* +identify display IP and port no. of answering name server
dig -* +trace trace DNS query for root name server from the /etc/resolv.conf file
host DNS utility similar to dig
host name set the domain same to be looked up by the host utility
host -t {query type} set type of query to be sent to nae server
host -W {seconds} set resolver wait time in seconds
host -s for resolver to terminate query once it fails.
resolver files files used to configure DNS resolvers
hosts file /etc/hosts static host to IP mapping
host.conf /etc/host.conf contians info on how lookups are performed
nsswitch.conf /etc/nsswitch.conf name server switch config file contains information about hosts databases
resolv.conf /etc/resolv.conf resolver configuration file set of routines in the C library that provide access to external DNS
named.conf user defined config file used to manage BIND
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