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Linux+ Ch12 DHCP

DHCP components and configuration

Bootstrap Protocol(BOOTP) network protocol that passes requests send from a disk-less workstation to a server node
Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) Service that allocates IP addresses on an as needed bases.
DHCP Options items in addition to IP and subnet that can be added to client systems like default gateways and DNS addresses
DHCP Scope a range of IP addresses for a subnet
DHCP Reservation an IP address that is assigned by DHCP but stays the same, permanently or until changed by an administrative task
DHCP Lease length of time a host uses an IP address
dhcpd.conf file located in /etc that contains DHCP configuration option changes made here will not take effect until the DAEMON is restarted
dhcpd.conf Paramaters commands that state how to perform a task enclosed in {} AKA options
dhcpd.conf "shared-network" declaration used on network containing multiple subnets 'shared-network shared (networkname) {[parameter] [declaration]}
dhcpd.conf "subnet" used to define subnet on a network
dhcpd.conf "range" specifies the range of IP addresses in a subnet
dhcpd.conf "fixed-address" Specifies static IP assigned by DHCP
dhcpd daemon that controls the DHCP functions
dhcpd -p (port) allows DHCP to listen on another port than 67
dhcpd -f run dhcpd as a foreground process (background by default)
dhcpd -d allows dhcpd to log activities
dhcpd -t | -T tests dhcpd.conf for proper syntax without applying changes
dhcpd -cf (config file) allows use of alternate config file to dhcpd.conf
dhcpd -lf (lease-file) allows for use of alternate lease config file
dhcpd.leases leae database file
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