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The Crusadez

A shitload of oats

Serfs Agricultural workers that belong to the manor
Manors Self sufficient farming estates
Piety Dutifulness in religion
Holy Land The area of Palestine held spiritually important to Christians, Muslims, and Jews
Hierarchy A ruling body of clergy organized into ranks
Papacy the office of the pope
Bishop high ranking official who supervises the Catholic churches
Pope the head of the Roman Catholic Church
Crusades A series of four holy wars to drive the Muslims out of Palestine
St. Francis of Assisi founded the order of the Friars, Franciscan Monks
Iquisition A trial held by the Catholic Church to get rid of Heretics
Heresy A belif that contridicted the teachings of the church
Monastery A place of residence occupied by many monks
Papal Infallibility The belif that the pope was excused from error
Sacrament One of the church's ceremonies in which you obtain grace from god
Schism A division within the Catholic church
Clergy ordained people of the church
Saladin Most famous Muslim leader of the 1100's who defeated the armies of the 2nd crusade
Richard the Lion Hearted The King of England who left top to join the crusade
Reconquista beginning in the 11th century a military campaign to drive out the muslims from spain
Byzantine Empire Eastern Roman empire that began Constantine moved the capital out of Rome
Black Death the outbreak of the Bubonic plague
Joan of Arc French peasant girl whose vision and work French fortunes and led to history
Marco Polo Traveled east to the orient bringing back spices fireworks etc.
Charlemagne was the first in western europe to bear the title emperor in over 300 yrs
feudal system a system of plitical organization prevailing in medieval europe
Medieval means middle age
Fief a grant of land in return for a pledge to provide military service
Vassal a kings noble followers
Holy Roman Empire a loose federation of mostly german states and pricipalities headed by the emperor lasting from 962-1806
Monks A man belonging to a religious order livng in a monestery
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