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Linux+ Ch12 Routing

Linux+ Ch12 Routing commands and their respective options

route add -net Adds normal loopback entry, using Class A netmask
route add -net #.#.#.0 netmask dev eth0 Adds route to network via eth0
route add default gw mango-gw forces network packets through a default gateway, in this case, mango-gw
traceroute -d (hostname) sets socket level debug option
traceroute -n (hostname) displays hop addresses numerically
traceroute -g (gateway) specifies the source route gateway
traceroute -r (hostname) bypasses normal routing tables and sends packets directly to the host on an attached network
traceroute -w (waittime) sets wait time for probe response in seconds
netstat displays statistics about a network including socket status, interfaces, memory stats and routing tables.
netstat -r or --route displays kernel routing tables
netstat -g or --groups displays multicast group membership
netstat -ir a table of all network interfaces or the specified interface
ifdown (devicename) stops specified network device
ifup (devicename) starts specified network device
ifconfig (interfacename) up starts specified network device
ifconfig (interfacename) down Stops specified network device
ifconfig (interfacename) (address) Sets IP(address) for specified network device
ifconfig (interfacename) netmask (address) Sets the subnet mask (address) for the specified network device
ifconfig (interfacename) dstaddr (address) Sets remote IP address for point to point connection
iwconfig iwconfig sets wireless device settings
ifconfig ifconfig sets wired device settings eth*
iwconfig (interfacename) essid sets the ESSID/network name/domain ID
iwconfig (interfacename) nwid sets network ID to differentiate from other networks
iwconfig (interfacename) nick sets nickname for device on wireless networks
iwconfig (interfacename) mode (mode) Sets operating mode for device (Managed or Ad-Hoc)
iwconfig (interfacename) freq/channel (f/c) Set frequency or channel iwconfig eth* freq2422000000 or 2.422G iwconfig eth* channel [1-6] or auto
iwconfig (interfacename) ap sets bitrate
iwconfig (interfacename) txpower set transmit power
iwconfig (interfacename) sens sets sensitivity threshold
iwconfig (interfacename) retry max connection retries
iwconfig (interfacename) rts sets minimum packet size that the node sends
iwconfig (interfacename) frag sets max size for fragments that can be transferred
iwconfig (interfacename) key/enc sets the encryption keys and security mode
iwconfig (interfacename) power sets power management parameters
iwconfig (interfacename) commit applies pending changes
cell a network zone covered by an access point or tower
RTS signal sent to receiving device
slapd standalone LDAP daemon is the service that allows LDAP requests to be sent and received.
/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts directory containing various network config scripts like ifcfg-eth0 which are executed as start-up
wireless device operating modes Managed and Ad-Hoc
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