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Herb: Wind-damp

Wind-Damp Relieving Herb

Most common property acrid & bitter
Most common contraindication Yin deficiency with heat signs
Symptoms of Wind-damp cold 1.Cold to touch 2.Relieved by warmth & worsened by cold
Symptoms of Wind-damp heat 1.The local area is warmer 2.Burning sensation pain 3.Warm to touch 4.Relieved by cold & worsened by heat
Du Huo Bitter, Acrid/Warm(Kd, UB) 1.Treat Cold type Bi Syndrome 2.Pain in lower back & lower body due to cold dampness(strong dampness expeller) 3. Dispels cold and relieves exterior/ wind-cold
Wei Ling Xian Acrid,Salty/Warm (UB)1.Unblocks channels &alleviates pain/Wind-damp Bi syndrome due to wind pathogen (general moving pain) 2.Softens &trnsfrm fish bones in the throat 3.Pi syndrome in MJ(bloating & distention,no pain to the touch) 4.30-50g for fish bones
Guang Fang Ji & Han Fang ji Biltter, Acrid/ Cold (UB,Sp,Kd) 1. Bi syndrome due to more Dampness or more heat 2. Promotes urination 3. Edema(lower body), ascites, nephritis
Qin Jiao Bitter, Acrid/ Slightly cold (GB, Lv,St)1.Relaxes sinews 2.Wind-damp Bi syn,Heat patterns 3.Post wind-stroke(hemiplegia)3.Clears heat/Yin xu(steamed bone syn,Gan ji syn)4.Damp- heat (Yang)jaundice 5.It's moist!-contraindicates in Sp xu w/ loose stools
Bai Hua She Sweet,Salty/Warm/Toxic (Lv,Sp) 1. Dispels wind & dredges channels-chronic wind-damp Bi syn,Post wind-stroke(hemiplegia)2.Dispels External &internal wind-spasm, convulsion,tetanus,MS,Parkisons,ALS 3.Dispels wind from skin-tinea,numbness of skin, rashes
Wu shao She Sweet, Salty/ Neutral (Lv, Sp) Same as Bai Hua She, not as strong, but not toxic
Hai Tong Pi Bitter,Acrid/Neutral(Lv,Sp,Kd) l.dispels wind-damp &unblocks the channels 2.Bi syn due to more damp& lower extremities 3.Promotes urination& reduces superficial edema due to dampness 3. Kills parasites& alleviates itching-scabies,eczema,fungal infections
Hai Feng Teng Acrid, Bitter/Slightly Warm (Lv) 1. Unblocks the channels 2. Wind-cold-damp Bi syn;rigid, spasmodic sinews,limited movement of joints, post wind-stroke (hemiplegia),traumatic injury 2.Disperse cold & alleviates abdominal cold pain& diarrhea due to cold
Expels wind-damp, for COLD pattern Bi syndrome Du Huo & Wei Ling Xian
Expels wind-damp, for HEAT pattern Bi syndrome Fang Ji& Qin jiao
Treats Hemiplegia(post wind-stroke) Qin Jiao/ Bai Hua She/ Wu Shao She/ Hai Feng Teng/ Jiu Zhi Xi Xian Cao
Si Gua Luo Sweet/Neutral (Lu,St,Lv)1.Expels wind,unblocks channels/wind-damp Bi 2.Invigorates blood&reduces swelling-blood stagnation:Trauma in the chest(moving pain, worsen by cough)/mastitis,sores,carbuncles/promotes lactation 3.Expels summer heat 4. Obesity
Sang Zhi Bitter,Sweet/Slightly cold (Lv)1.Dispels wind-damo, unblocks channels, benefits joints 2.Bi synd (acute,chronic,cold AND heat pattern) 3. Rheumatoid arthritis 4.mild herb, sweet property->safe for long term use
What's the symptoms of blocked channels? Rigid sinews, limited movement of joints, tingling and numbness in the extremities
Sang Ji Sheng Bitter/Neutral (Kd,Lv)1.Dispels wind-damp, tonifies Lv& Kd, strengthens the bones&sinews 2.Soreness& weakness in lower back& knees due to chronic wind-damp Bi & Lv/Kd xu 2.Nourishes blood,calms fetus, habitual miscarriage due to Kd xu. 3. Hypertension
What's the main herb to treat lower back & pain, weakness and sourness? Sang Ji Sheng
Wu Jia Pi Acrid, Bitter/ Warm (Lv, Kd) 1. Dispels wind-damp,strengthens bones, weakness&soreness in lower back&knees,atrophy in lower body due to Lv/Kd xu (deformed joints, muscles atrophy, rheumatoid arthritis) 2. Drains dampness & reduces edema
Which Wu Jia Pi is good for edema but toxic? Bei Wu Jia Pi
Which Wu Jia is good for Sp, Kd and Ht deficiency and also calms the spirit? Ci Wu Jia
Xi Xian Cao Bitter/ Cold (kd, Lv) 1. Dispels wind-damp, unblocks channels, strengthens bones&sinews (Sheng for Heat Bi, Jiu for hemiplegia, paralysis)2.Clears heat& damp, relieves toxicity(wind rash, damp rash, skin itching)3.Hyper tension 4.Anti allergy
Which Xi Xian Cao for clearing toxic heat, dampness& alleviating itching? Raw (Sheng Xi Xian Cao)
What is Jiu Zhi Xi Xian Cao used for? Wind-damp Bi Syn(Paralysis of extremities, weakness in lower back& knees, hemiplegia in post wind-stroke)
Hu Gu Acrid, Sweet/Warm (Lv, Kd) 1. Dispels wind,unblocks channels/ wind-damp Bi syn,esp. due to more WIND,marked by moving pain, stiff& spasmodic extremities, limited movements of joints 2. Most powerful herb to strengthen bones& sinews
Mu Gua Sour/ Slightly warm (Lv,Sp) 1. Dispels damp,relaxes sinews/damp Bi (soreness, heaviness, stiffness &spasm in extremities) 2. Expels damp& harmonizes St/ Huo Luan Syn(summer heat:vomiting, diarrhea w/calf spasm) 3.Other sinew,calf spasms 4.Food stagnation
What's contraindication of Mu Gua? 1.Excessive use can harm teeth & bones 2.Patients w/ over acid
Cang Er Zi Slightly bitter/Warm/ TOXIC**(Lu)1.Opens up nasal orfices/sinusitis(nasal congestion, runny nose), disperse wind-cold 2.Expels wind-damp to alleviate pain/ wind-cold headache, wind-damp Bi 3. Expels wind to stop itch/ wind-rash(allergy), scabies
What's the contraindication of Cang Er Zi? 1.Very drying, not for blood def. 2.Toxic(no overdose)
Which property is to dispel wind? Acrid
Which property is to drain dampness? Bitter
Which 'Expel wind-damp' herb is the strongest for paralysis in the lower extremities? Hu Gu
Which 'Expel wind-damp' herb invigorates blood &expels summer heat with damp? Si Gua Luo
Which 'Expel wind-damp' herb is good for both common cold headhache and itchy skin due to wind rash? Cang Er Zi
What are the 4 'Expel wind-damp' herbs that strengthen the bones& sinews for chronic Bi due to Lv/ Kd xu? Sang Ji Sheng/Wu Jia Pi/ Xi Xian Cao/Hu Gu
Which herb tonifies Lv& Kd and calms the fetus? Sang Ji Sheng
Which 'Expel wind-damp'herb opens nasal orfices and stops itch skin? Cang Er Zi
What is the channels for Sang Zhi? Liver
What is the channel for Cang Er Zi? Lung
Which 'Expel wind-damp' herb has sour taste? Mu Gua
Which 'Expel wind-damp' herb treat all acute, chronic, heat and cold Bi? What's its temperature? Sang Zhi Slightly Cold
Which 'Expel wind-damp' herb harmonizes the St and is good for HuoLuan Syn(Vomitting, diahhrea, calf spams)sue to summer-damp? Mu Gua
Which 'Expel wind-damp' herbs stop itchy skin,wind-rash Bai Hua She, Wu Shao She, Xi Xian Cao, Cang Er Zi
Which 'Expel wind-damp' herbs are good for hypertension? Sang Ji Sheng/ Xi Xian Cao
Which 'Expel wind-damp' herb promotes lactation? Si Gua Luo
Which 'Expel wind-damp' herb is good for map heat jaundice and Yin-Xu? Qin Jiao
Created by: junskykim