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Unit 2 Take a Stand

Reading 4

legendary relating to a legend, or a story that has been handed down for many years and has some basis in fact
muttered spoke in a low, unclear way with the mouth closed
gaped stared with the mouth open, as in wonder or surprise
snickering laughing in a mean or disrespectful manner
insult a remark or action that hurts someone's feelings or pride
fluke a chance happening, an accidental turn
fluke the flat part of a whale's tail
flinched drew back or away, as from something painful or unpleasant; winced
overheard heard something one was not supposed to hear
opportunities good chances or favorable times
border a line between one country, state, county, or town and another
unions groups of workers joined together to protect their jobs and improve working conditions
strikes the stopping of work to protest something
strikes pitched balls in the strike zone or that a batter swings at and misses
citizen a person who was born in a country or who chooses to live in and become a member of that country
boycotts protests in which people refuse to buy from or work for a person, nation, or business
temples buildings used for the worship of God or gods
dynasties periods of time during which a line of rulers from the same family is in power
heritage something that is handed down from previous generations or from the past; tradition
preserve to keep safe for the future
overjoyed very happy
hilarious very funny
convinced caused a person to believe or do something
mischief conduct that may seem playful but causes harm or trouble
independence freedom from the control of another or others
(come in) handy be useful
dizzy having the feeling of spinning and being about to fall
whirlwind a whirling current of air that moves forward with great force
nowadays in the present time
weekdays the days of the week except Saturday and Sunday
cardboard a heavy stiff paper used to make boxes and posters
slithered slid or glided like a snake
genuine sincere; honest
apologize to say one is sorry
harmless not able to do damage or hurt
ambulance a special vehicle that is used to carry sick or injured people to a hospital
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