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These mts. in the north protected the Romans for many years from invasiion
What city became the capital of the Roman Republic
After the Romans overthrew their Etruscan king, they created
a republic
The source of ancient Roman mythology came from
Western Civilization today uses the mythology of the Romans in what way
images in literature, science, art
The social class in ancient Rome which were wealthy and well born were
The ______ were the poorer members of society
What is a Republic?
Government by representatives
Who were considered citizens in the Republic of Rome?
Freeborn Roman men
The Twelve Tables of written laws were an important step because
They made laws public for all citizens to read
The most powerful governing body of Ancient Rome was the
Which classes of Romans were able to be elected to the Tribrune?
Romans worshipped a family of Gods this is type of religion is called
What was the Roman law code called?
the Twelve Tables
What did the Romans do to conquered people to make them a part of the empire?
Gave them Roman citizenship
Who di Rome fight the Punic Wars against?
Winning the Punic Warw gave Rome control of what sea?
Mediterranean Sea
What famous general invaded the Italian peninsula during the Punic War?
What group spread Roman culture more than any others did?
Who was assassinated by the Roman Senate to prevent him from becoming a dictator?
Julius Caesar
Who ended the Roman civil war with his victory over Marc Anthony?
Augustus Caesar
Who was the first emperor of Rome?
Augustus Caesar
What is the 200 year period of Roman peace and prosperity initiated by Augustus Caesar known as?
Pax Romana
How weere the Pax Romana and the AGe of Pericles in Athens similar?
Both weer times of peace and artistic advancement
What was the book that contained the teachings of Jesus?
New Testament
What role did the Christian Church play in the late Roman Empire?
The Church became the moral authority in the empire
Where did the Romans hold the gamew of the gladiators?
How did the Romans respond to the problem of public health?
They built public baths and provided food for the poor
What wa the concept for Western civilization that was established in Roman law
All citizens wer innocent unless proven guilty
Latin became the basis for what language group?
Name three reasons why the Roman Empire declined
Inflation, Political Corruption, Barbarian Invasions, Decline in Morals and Values, Escessive Military Spending to Defend the Empire Inferior Technology, Rise in Christianity, Unemployment, Urban Decay
What two things did Emperors spend too much tax money on?
Games and Armies
The form of Democracy that the Romans boroweed from the Greeks but modified is called?
Democratic republic
The Roman Republic had the religionof gods and goddesses, but under the Roman Empire they changed over to what religion?
Ancient Roman mythology was based upon
Greek polytheistic religion
Ancient Rome's powerful nobility comprised only 10 percent of the poplution. This class of people were called________.
The Punic Wars wer a long series of conflicts between which countries?
Rome and Carthage
The representatives of the plebeians were called
The Christian Church un Rome was probably founded by
What Roman god or goddess was the god of war
What was the name of the two people elected by the Senate to serve for one year term?
Rome lies on what Continetn?
Which invader came through the Alps
rome lives on the ____ peninsula
Roman civilization arose in which river valley?
Who was Romulus and Remus
Twins, raised bya wolf founded the city of Rome
Aqueducts carried ___ to the city of Rome
What builting material did the Romans invent?
What was Rome's first and most famous highway?
Appian Way
The Romans built a grand marble building for their gods and goddesses. It was called the
A republic is a government with or without a king?
without a king
Did th Senate and Assembly checked the power of each other?
Did the two Consuls check the power of each other?
What representive was elected for life?
Which was the most powerful the Senate or the Assembly?
At first how many Consul's were there?
Could the Consuls disagree and create a deadlock?
The Christian religion arose out of what religion?
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