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Unit 1 Lets Explore

Reading 4

shimmer to shine with a faint, wavering light
eerie strange in a scary way
lurk to lie hidden
swallows several groups of small birds having a slender body and forked tail
swallow to cause food or other substances to pass from the mouth into the stomach
climate the average weather conditions of a place or region through the year
silken made of silk, like silk in appearance
lumbering moving in a slow, clumsy way
assignments tasks that are given out or assigned
consideration thoughtfulness for other people and their feelings; something carefully thought about
allergies conditiond that cause a person to have an unpleasant reaction to certain things that are harmless to most people
accuse to say that a person has done something wrong or illegal
suspicious feeling doubt and mistrust; causing the feeling that something is wrong
evidence proof of something
consume to eat or drink
endless having no limit or end
realistic seeing things as they are, practical
universe everything that exists, including earth, the planets, the stars, and all of space
astronaut a person trained to fly in a spacecraft
sensible having or showing sound judgment; wise
protested complained against something
paralyzed having lost movement or sensensation in a part of the body
paralyzed powerless or helpless
disgusted having a strong feeling of dislike
raft a kind of flat boat made of logs or boards fastened together
scattered spread or thrown about here and there
cluttered filled with a messy collection of things
downstream moving in the same direction as the current of a stream
nuzzle to touch or rub with the nose
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