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Operating Systems

Module 6

Computer Management A window that consolidates several Windows utilities called snap-ins
Console A window in which one or more Windows utility programs have been installed.
Event Viewer A window tool useful for troubleshooting problems with Windows, applications, and hardware.
Ready Boost A vista utility that uses a flash drive on secure digital (SD) memory card to boost hard drive performance.
Registry A database that Windows uses to store hardware and software configuration information, user preferences, and setup information
Registry Editor The windows utility used to edit the Windows registry.
Snap-ins A window utility that can be installed in a console window by microssoft management console.
System Configuration Utility A windows utility that can identify what processes are launched at startup and can temporarily disable a process from loading.
Microsoft Management Console A windows utility to build customized consoles. These consoles can be saved to a file with an .msc file extension.
Microsoft Management Console launched with •mmc.exe (run or search box) •Saved and built-in Management Consoles are identified by the .msc file extension
Task Manager (Utility)launched in a number of ways Ctrl+Alt+Del(security dialog box), Right click(R/C) the Taskbar and select TM, Ctrl+Shift+Esc(directly), taskmgr.exe, etc.
Under what condition will XP Task Manager display the Users Tab? A system is set for fast user switching and lets you monitor other users logged onto the system
Task Manager (Utility) •View applications/processes and graphical performance data •Terminate applications/processes •Allows customization of available information •Allows the assigning of priority levels to applications
Applications Tab Start or Stop Applications, Status info (Running or Not Responding)
Processes Tab Services/processes, resources, Stop Process or Tree, change priority
Services Tab installed services, status, access to services console
Performance Tab system resource use, access to Resource Monitor
Networking Tab LAN activity by system
Users Tab currently logged on users, user logoff access
System Configuration (Utility) launches with msconfig.exe
System Configuration (Utility) •Troubleshooting tool used to discover launched processes •Allows a process to be disabled for troubleshooting •Tools tab allows launching of many utility programs
Briefly describe how to view only non-Microsoft services in System Configuration. Check hide all microsoft services
Computer Management (MMC)launches in a number of ways oR/C Computer and select Manage, oenter compmgmt.msc in search/run field
Computer Management (MMC) •Built-in MMC with a number of snap-ins designed for local PC and Network management •Requires administrative access for most maintenance activities
Services Console (MMC)launched in a number of ways oSelect it while in Computer Management under services and applications, oenter services.msc in search/run field
Services Console (MMC) Used to control system services, Windows and third-party
Identify the startup types in the services console. Automatic (delayed start), Automatic, Manual, and Disabled
Event Viewer (MMC)launched in a nuber of ways oSelect it while in Computer Management, oenter eventvwr.msc in search/run field
Event Viewer (MMC) •Tool used to track and log significant events (Hardware failures, error messages, etc.) •Application, Security and System Events (System Events: Information, Warnings and Errors)
Identify the Event Viewer log viewable only by an administrator. The security log
Reliability and Performance Monitor (MMC)launched in a number of ways oSelect it while in Computer Management, oenter perfmon.msc in search/run field
Reliability and Performance Monitor (MMC) •Tool used to collect, record and display Data Collector Sets oData Collector Sets are self-created with diagnostics
Registry is a hierarchical informational database of hardware, software, device drivers, protocols and user settings/preferences.
Registry used by OS and applications For example: changes made within Device Manager are recorded in the registry
Identify the five registry files (the files are also called hives): Security Accounts Manager (SAM), Security, Software, System, and Default
Identify the five registry keys: HKey_Local_Machine(HKLM), HKey_Current_Config(HCCC), HKey_classes_root(HKCR), HKey_Users(HKU), Hkey_Current_User(HKCU)
Which registry key is built when a user logs on? Hkey_current_user(HKCU)
Registry Editor (Utility) •Tool used to manually backup or make changes to the registry •Changes cannot be undone, proceed with caution
Briefly describe how to start the registry editor: Click start and type regedit in the start search dialog box, press enter, and respond to the UAC box
Improving Windows Performance Routine Maintenance updates, HD maintenance, system cleaning
Improving Windows Performance Hardware Supported oNew OS on older system? Run the Upgrade Advisor first oWindows Experience Index
Performance Warnings (How to select) Select Advanced Tools within Windows Experience Index
Performance Warnings oCheck for Performance Issues listed near the top oSelect individual issue for detailed information
Reliability Monitor o Located within Reliability and Performance Monitor (MMC) oGraphical display of system performance
Windows Indexing Background service designed to speed searches
Aero Interface olocated in task bar oRequires increased memory and CPU resources
Sidebar ogadget oRequires increased memory and CPU resources, but not as much as Aero
Memory Leaks oTypically caused by an application not releasing memory or over-requesting oInspect with Reliability and Performance Monitor (MMC)
User Account Control Not recommended to disable
Readyboost oUses flash drive or SD memory card to boost HD performance
When does Readyboost give the greatest performance boost? When you have a slow hard drive (running at less than 7200 RPM)
Startup Programs (methods programs use to startup - Limit startup programs) programs that launch when Windows starts
Startup Programs(methods programs use to startup - Multiple sources of automatic startup startup folder, services and registry
Startup Programs(methods programs use to startup - Manage the startup options within the OS or the application
Startup Programs oUse System Configuration to identify startup programs causing slowdowns oCheck Task Scheduler for startup tasks oDisable automatically starting programs
Remove unnecessary programs Use the uninstall routine of the program (often calls the Windows installer) Use add/remove programs utility Manually uninstall by deleting the program and “cleaning” up components
Scheduled Tasks can be applications, services or: other background processes
Microsoft Management Console administrative tool(s)console allows customized MMC creation (Tools are called Snap-ins)
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