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Java - Ch. 3

Java Chapter 3

To help you prepare for the larger programs, use a separate class containing method main to test each new class. Some programmers refer to such a class as (blank). a driver class.
Java is known as an extensible language because... You can declare new class types as needed.
To call a method of the class type use the (blank) followed by the (blank) then the method name and parentheses variable name, dot separator
Additional information a method needs to perform its task. Parameter
A method call supplies (blank) for each of the method’s parameters. values called arguments
An import declaration is not required if you always refer to a class via its... fully qualified class name
Declaring an instance variable (blank) is known as data hiding or information hiding. private
To distinguish a constructor, the UML requires that the word “constructor” be placed between (blank) (« and ») before the constructor’s name. guillemts
Which packages provide the majority of classes used to create a GUI javax.swing, java.awt
Created by: lapetti