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CG Midterm

Name the 4 windows you should have open while working Layers, Color Swatches, History, Navigator
Describe the Eyedropper Picks Colors
Describe the Lasso Allows you to create a freehand selection of your image
Describe the Magic Wand and Quick Selection Tool Quickly selects large areas of the
Describe the Zoom Tool Zooms in and out
Describe the Foreground and Background Color Select Foreground and Background Color
Describe the Crop Tool Crop the Document
Describe the Paint Bucket/Gradient Tool Fill with the foreground color or a gradient between the foreground and background color
Describe the Brush Tool Draw and Paint
Describe the Dodge Tool Lighten the image
Describe the Burn Tool Darken the image
Describe the Eraser Fills the erased area with background color
Describe the Marquee Tool Makes selections with various predefined shapes
Describe the Move Tool Moves objects
How do you save in Photoshop? File>Save as..
How do you create a layer? Click the "New Layer" button in the layer window
How do you remove a layer? Drag the layer into the trash can in the layer window
Why are layers useful? Allows one to change specific parts of image without affecting the whole project
What does RGB stand for? Red Green Blue
What is RGB color used for? Web documents
What does CMYK stand for? Cyan Magenta Yellow Black
What are the Brush Presets for? To tweak settings for brushes
How do you save new brushes? Edit > Define > Brush Presets > Save
Describe the Stroke The outline of and object
Describe the Fill the fill of the object
Describe Clear Makes the object clear
Describe the Blob Brush Blobs things together
Describe the Line Tool Creates Lines
Describe the Shape Tool Creates Various shapes
Describe the Selection Tool Selects an object, resize and move it around
Describe the Polygonal Lasso Tool Choose specific points of your image
Describe the Magnetic Lasso Tool Sticks to points
Describe the Direct Selection Tool Can select specific points
Describe the Artboard Tool Can create and edit artboards
How do you make guides? View > Hide/Lock Guides
How do you align objects? Select the object and use the Alignment Tools
Why do objects have different colored outlines? They are on a different layer
What is a vector? A Mathematical equation that keeps the object smooth and un-pixelated
How do you create and edit Artboards? Document Setup > Art Boards OR the Artboard tool
How do you color and object? with the Paintbrush, Blob Brush or Paint Bucket tool
What is the Core Shadow? Darkest part of an object
What is the Cast Shadow? The shadow cast by the object
What is the Highlight? Lightest part of the object
What is the Light Source? Source of Illumination
What is Reflective Light? Light reflected off an object onto another
What is a Line? It defines an edge and does not exist in reality
What is line weight? Changes in the thickness or the darkness of a line
Name six different types of lines with personalities Curved, Jagged, Curved, Straight, Thick, Thin
What is an Implied Line? Suggested but not actually there
What is a Gestural Line? Quickly drawn and emphasizes movement fluidity
What is an Outline? Outer edge of and object
What are Contour Lines? Describes the shape of an object including interior detail
Created by: asomr1