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study vocabulary


Worm: a file that has a virus
www world wide web: What you use to fide out information or to have fun
Wysiwig: this is an acronym for what you see it what you get.
Text: words on page
Thesaurus: a feature in most word processers
User name: first part of an email address
Value: the term for a number on a spreadsheet
Vandalism: the act of destroying computer files
Virus: a program to destroy computer files
User name: First part of an email address
Telecommunication: The act of sending and receiving information, such as data, text, pictures, voice, and video
Table: Columns and rows
Storyboard: A graphic organizer used for planning
Stand Alone Computer: A computer that does not rely upon any other computer or server to work
word processing: using keyboarding skils for documents
Word wrap: This occurs when you get to the end of a line and continue typing
spreadsheet: This occurs when you get to the end of a line and continue typing
sort: arranging information in a specific order
app: a program that allows you to accomplish certain tasks
shareware software that can be tried before purchase
server a special computer to store programs and files for other computer to use
highlight to choose text by clicking and draging over it
security to protect files and networks
search stratergies 1)try to remmeber URL. 2)use subject directories 3) use keywords
search engines software that gathers information
search to look for specific information
save as to keep a document with a new name
save to store information on a hard drive
row the horizontal row in a spreadsheet
retrieve open saved document
record a collection of related feild and entries
public domain software written and then donated to the public
probeware computer-assisted data collection tools
printer a hardware device used to make a paper copy of a document
print to put what is on a computer screen to paper
portriat the default page setup that prints the document vertically
pie graaph circle divideed into pieces that looks like portion of a pie
pictogram pictures used to create a bar graph chart
paste to insert the last information that was cut or copied into the doucument.
password security code
page set up the term in refreence to the way a document is formatted to print
or formal name given to advanced search strategies using and, or and not connetors
online safety precaution that is takein to protect your personal information
online resources internet information available to computer users
numeric keypad the portion of a keyboard, set up like an adding machine
non-linear not moving in a stright line or path
network a system of connected computers
multimedia to combine things to make a movie using media
mouse the point and click tool
monitor the screen
searching symbols used for advanced searching
math symbols used when searching symbols that are used for advanced searching
links connectors that take you one place to another
linear moving in a straight line or path
line spacing the span between lines of text
line graph a tool used to display trends and compare data
landscape a page setup that is printed in a horizontal position
label the term given to the words entered on a spreadsheet
keyword a term used to search the internet
keybaord hardware you type on
jpeg a way to shrink a picture so that it can send faster.
internet world wide web
indenting to move the first line of the paragraph in
illistration clip art, graphic or drawing
hyperlink special text that takes you one place to another
host directly to internet
home row placement of the fingers
home page introductory screen
highlight to chose text by clicking and draging over it
hardware the stuff that u can touch that connects to the computer from the outside
freeware software written then donated to the public
format to set the margin, tabs, and font
font the shape and size of text
firewall technology that protects the computer from viruses
file related records in the database
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