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Question oAnswer
Uniform Recorce Locater [URL] Web Adress
Using keyboard skills to produce documents Word Processing
A computer file designed to do damagebthat goes through a computer and possibly a network Worm
A section of the internet that allows access to many medias WWW(World Wide Web)
"What You See Is What You Get" WYSIWYG "Wizzy Wig"
A feature in most bword processors that allows you to replace a word in a document for another one that has the same meaning Thesaurus
First part of an email adress Username
The term for a number in a spreadsheet that can be added, subtracted, multiplied, and divided Value
The intenional act of destroying computer files or computer networks Vandalism
A computer designed to damage files Virus
Words on a page/screen Text
Sending and receiving information Telecommunication
Columns and rows of cells that can be filled with text to display information Table
A graphic organizer used to present media Storyboard
A computer that does not very easily reply upon any other computer or server to work Stand Alone Computer
This allows you to type to the end of a line in word proccessing and it automatically goes down to the next Word wrap
an application used to organized, calculate, and analyze data [Microsoft XL] Spread sheet
arranging info in a specific order Sort
program that allows you to accomplish certain tasks Software/Applications
software that gathers and identifies information based on keywords search engine
to look for specific information search
to create a document with a new name save as
to keep a document in a file save
the horizontal divisions in a spreadsheet named with a number row
open a saved document retreive
to put whats on the computer screen on paper print
a hardware device used to make a copy of whats omn the computer printer
computer assisted data tool probeware
the default page setup that prints the document vertically portrait
circle graph divided into pieces that look like portgions of pie pir graph
pictures used to create a bar graph chart pictogram
when you highlight part of text and copy it paste
sucurity protection password
the term in reference to the way a document is formatted to print page set up
formal name given to advanced search stratagies using specific words Boolean Searching
precautions taken to protect personal information online safety
internet info available to a computer user online resources
right side of keyboardd set up like a calculator numeric keypad
a presentation that can go in any direction non linear
a system of connected computers network
a combo of pictures text sound etc multimedia
point and click tool mouse
screen monitor
use them for searching strategies math syymbols
blue(sometimes) words that take you into another place.. a connector links
when a prewsentation moves in a strait line linear
the span between lines of text line spacing
a tool used to dislpay trends and compare data line graph
a horizontally outset page (widescreen) landscape
the term given to the words entered on a spreadsheet label
a word used in search engines keyword
a way to shrink a pic to make it faster or easier to send JPEG
move the first line of the paragraph in tab key
text that takes you from one place to another hyperlink
worldwide information internet
a computer directly connected to the internet host
keys which you put your fingers on to type properly home row
a intro screen on a webpage home page
to choose text by clicking and dragging over it highlight or select
outside objects such as keyboards etc hardware
a person who secretly gets access to someones files hacker
images on a computer graphics
a picture that shows relationship to data grapgh
(jiff) format that compresses picture file to be sent quickly GIF
software written and donated to the public for free use freeware
to set the margins, tabs, font or line spacing in layout of a document format
shape and style of text font
technology that prevents unneccassary unkown people or viruses firewall
Created by: BillyMichael3