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banana HSRT

Text words on a page or screen
Telecommunicatoin sending and receiving info around the globe
Table Columns and rows of cells that can be filled with txt.
Storyboard A graphic organizer used for planning a multimedia report or presentation.
Web adress Uniform Resource Locater (URL)
Username First part of an E-mail adress
Virus A computer designedto damage computer files.
Word processing Using keyboarding skills to produce documents
Worm A computer file designed to to damage as it goes through your computer.
Vandalism Intentionally destroying computers or computer files.
Spreadsheet An app to calculate, analyze, and organize data.
Sort arrange info in a specific way.
Software/App Program that lets you do a task.
Shareware Software that can be tried before you purchase.
Server A special computer used to store programs and files for your computer to use.
Select or highlight to choose text by clicking and dragging it over.
Security protection of computer related information.
Search Strategies 1: Remember the URL 2: Subject directories 3: Keywords in search engine
Search Engine Software that searches for info by your text.
Search To look for specific info by typing keywords into a search engine
Save As To save a document with a new name
Save Store info 4 a later use
Row Horizontal Divisions.
Retrieve Open a saved document
Record A collection of related field R
Public Domain Software open 2 public
Probe-ware Computer-Assisted data collection tools
Printer Hardware device to make a paper copy of what's on the computer
Online Resources Internet information
Online safety precautions to protect personal info
Numeric Keypad The portion of a keyboard set up like a calculator.
Non-Linear A presentation that Doesn't go in a direct path or direction.
Network A system of connected computers
Multimedia To combonation of Text, sound, pics and movies
Mouse The Point-and-Click tool
Links Connectors
Linear Moving in a straight path, constant
Line spacing the blank area between text
Line Graph A graph used to display trends of data.
Landscape Widescreen version
Label The name of a column
Keyword A term used to search the internet
Internet world wide web
Indent To move the first line of a paragraph in
Illustration A graphic on the computer
Hyperlink Text that takes you from one place to another
host A computer directly connected to the internet
Home row Keys with bumps to help you find them
Home page An intro screen on a web page
Highlight To choose text by clicking and dragging over it
Hardware The outside objects you can touch like a mouse.
Hacker Unauthorized person who secretly gains access to files
Graphic Created by computer
Graphs Picture that shows relationships of data
GIF File fromat to compress images
FreeWare Software writteb and then donated to the public.
Format To set the margins, tabs and fonts.
Font The shape and style of your text
Firewall Technology that prevents users from visiting inappropiate web sites.
File A set of related records in a database
Created by: steven55445