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Holly's Random Words

Random words to know for GCSE

pleurer to cry
couter to cost
bruler to burn
une ordonnance prescription
rester en forme to keep fit
gratuit free (of charge)
selon according to
rire to laugh
casser to break
un passant passer-by
souvent often
cependant however
couper to cut
moucher to blow your nose
vider to empty
tacher to attempt/try
tache stain
taches menageres housework
la cheville ankle
le poignet wrist
actuellement currently
le plancher floor
oublier to forget
sauvage wild
remarquer to notice
jamais never
avoir besoin de... to need
vif/vive bright
affreux awful/offensive
il fallait it was necessary
le fievre fever
tousser to cough
un redacteur editor
a l'etranger abroad
libre free/unoccupied
conduire to drive
le/la patron(ne) boss
j'ai craque i went to pieces
l'addition bill
piquant(e) spicy
ambience atmosphere
attendre to wait
Le tabac A shop liscensed to sell stamps
une piece a room, coin or play
rembourser to refund
un billet note (money)
le rayon de... the department of...
les feux traffic lights
la maroquinerie leather department
au coin in the corner
connaitre to know (person, place)
une verre glass
accueil chalereux warm welcome
l'epicerie grocer's
craindre to fear
briller to shine
apprecier to appreciate
partager to share
un paysage scenery
fixer (un rendezvous) to make (an appointment)
entoure de...(e.g. fleurs) surrounded by... (e.g. flowers)
interdites forbidden
fiers proud
soif thirst
un concours contest
reconnaissante grateful
peur fear
la raison the right (to do s.th.)
faim hunger
je voudrais me plaindre i would like to complain
ce que j'ai aime mieux c'etait... what I liked best was...
courir to run
eviter to avoid
sourire to smile
entendre to hear
rigoler to have a laugh
renvoyer to send back/dismiss
tuer to kill
eteindre to put out/extinguish
feter to celebrate
priver to deprive
mettre le couvert to set the table
mettre de cote to put aside
tirer sur to fire/shoot at
reussir to succeed
fort strong/good at s.th
quotidien daily
dechire torn
blesse injured/ wounded
exigeant demanding
intime personal/private
effrayant frightening
profond deep
leger light
une greve a strike
le sang blood
la lachete cowardice
un(e) voisin(e) a neighbour
le ciel the sky
le but aim
le sable sand
(etudier) le droit (to study) law
un metier job/profession
la formation training
le boulot work
le chemin way/path
la perte the loss
une epreuve a test
une croisiere a cruise
un siecle a century
une assiette a plate
la toile the Web
le bonheur happpiness
la tristesse sadness
un moyen the means
un jouet a toy
elever to raise, rear
un ouvrier a worker
une piste a track, lane
une bijouterie jeweller's
un cauchemar a nightmare
louer to hire/rent
sinon otherwise
se depecher to hurry
avoir honte to be ashamed
s'ennuyer to be bored
garder to keep, look after
s'habituer a... to get used to
vivre to live
frapper to hit
gouter to eat a snack/to taste
tandis que while, whereas
pourtant moreover
plutot rather
parmi amongst
etre en train de + vb to be in the middle of...
quant a as for...
grace a thanks to
n'importe ou anywhere
au chomage unemployed
Cela that
autre chose something else
autre part somewhere
s'asseoir to sit (down)
renverser to run over
le camion lorry
heurter to crash into
deraper to skid
le faute the fault
arreter to stop
un embouteillage traffic jam
circuler to move (usually traffic)
rouler to move/roll
la circulation traffic
tomber en panne to break down
un bruit etrange a strange noise
l'essence petrol
le moteur engine
sans plomb without lead/unleaded
les pneus tyres
l'huile oil
le gaz oil diesel
verifier to check
nouveau-ne newborn
des renseignements information
le courrier mail/post
un morceau a piece
gate spoilt
encore still / more / yet
a n'importe quelle heure at any time
essayer to try
s'inquieter to worry
habile skilful
penible painful
demi-pension half board
Created by: dracoslover