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Hutchings Arthurian

Nennius Introduced the character of Arthur in a chronicle that was a mixture of legend and history;9th century
Geoffrey of Monmouth Linked Arthur to classical legends; introduced Merlin as a character;12th century
Norman Wace Introduced the courtly romance to the legend; added the Round Table; 12th century
Sir Thomas Mallory Combined many legends from the Continent;stressed chivalry; 15th Century
Alfred Lord Tennyson Wrote 12 long narrative poems based on Malory's "Morte" but stressed the moral goodness of Arthur and the Round Table. He called his work "Idylls of the King"; 19th century
T.H. White Told Arthur's story in four short novels; 20th century
What did Arthur do with the dowry from his marriage? Got the Round Table
Mordrid The insestrant son of Arthur; challenges Arthur for the throne
Many historians trace Arthur to the fall of what Empire? The Roman Empire; 5th and 6th centuries; The Dark Ages
What marks the spor where British and Saxon war lords met to talk terms? Stonehenge
Why is the Round Table round? So everyone has equivalent purpose
Character strictly literary, not based in history Lancelot
Arthur; Wart Originally a squire to Sir Kay. Rightful King of England
Sir Kay Arthur's adoptive brother
Sir Ector Arthur's adoptive father
Excalaber Arthur's sword
Lady of the Lake gave the sword to Arthur
Merlin Wizard; Arthur's teacher
Uther Pendragon Arthur's father
Igraine Arthur's mother
Gorlios Married to Igraine
Morgan Le Fey Evil enchantress that seduces Arthur; Arthur's half sister; mother of Modred
Modred Arthur and Morgan Le Fey's illegitimate son
Galahad only truly good knight; only he can seek the Holy Grail
Lancelot bravest most chivalrous knight
Gwenavere Arthur's Queen
Gawain Purest heart of all knights
Fiefdom small kingdom
tithes taxes
marauding raiding
bestial brutal
"Might for Right" stressed performing noble deeds and serving and protecting women
What does Arthur realize while he is a hawk? They fight over nonexistent boundaries.
Why is Merlin helping Arthur win battles? So Arthur can stop further battles
How do Gawain's thoughts about the Green Knight suggest that the story is a romance? The Green Knight seems to have supernatural powers
Why does the Green Knight keep Gawain waiting? for suspense
To what specific actions does the Green Knight link the swings of the ax? The three nights he stayed with Bertlak's wife
What simile does the Green Knight use to describe Gawain? a pearl compared to white, dry peas.
What are Modred's terms of the treaty with Arthur? In the event of Arthur's demise, Modred will become King.
What view of war does the description of the battle communicate? it goes against chivalry, illusion of the Garden of Eden
Why does Arthur say he misses Lancelot? he misses his friend; to help him in battle
How does the inscription on the tomb contribute to Arthur's status as a romantic hero? The inscription suggests that Arthur will return in the future (supernatural)
Romance a verse narrative that traces the adventures of a brave knight or other hero that must overcome danger for the love of a noble lady or some other high ideal
Romance Hero a larger-than-life figure, usually of mysterious origins, who performs extraordinary deeds with the aid of magic
Chivalry code of brave and courteous conduct for knights
Legend a non historical or unverifiable story handed down by tradition from earlier times and popularly accepted as historical.
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