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Study Island Vocab.

a computer that does not rely upon any other computer or sever work. Stand alone computer
a graphic organizer for a multimedia project. Storyboard
columns and rows Table
sending and receiving messages Telecommunication
words on a page Text
The intentional act of destroying computer files or computer networks Vandalism
The term for a number in a spreadsheet that can be added, subtracted, multiplied or divided. Value
First part of an email address. Example: support in the user name of the following email address User Name
Web site address URL Address
arranging information in a specific order sort
programs that aloow you to accomplish certian tasks such as write letters, analyze numbers, sort files, manage finaces, draw pictures, and play gsmes. software/application
protection of a computer, computer files or out a computer network from use without permission of the owner or owners. Security
to choose a part of a document by clicking and dragging over it with the mouse to highlight the text. select or highlight
a speacil computer used to store programs and files and then sends them out to other computers one by one or all ot one time. server
software that can be tried before you purchase. shareware
try to remember the web address or url search stratigies
the horizontal divisions in a number spreadsheet named with a number row
to insert the last information that was cut a or copied into document. Cut and paste can be used to move information within or between documents. paste
pictures used to create a bar graph chart pictogram
circle graph divided into pieces that look like portiens of a pie Pie graph
a hardware divice used to make a paper copy of what is created on the computer. printer
the default page setup that prints the document vertically portrait
a system of connected computers that allows the sharing of files and equiment. Network
Not a straight line or path. Non-linear
Right-side keypad used like a caculater. Numeric Keypad
Screen Monitor
Advance searching Symbols
Connecting that bridge one image, page, or word to another by clicking on a highlighted word or phrase. Links
Moving in a straight line or path; a multimedia presentation that moves in a straight line. Linear
The span between lines of a text. Line spacing
Shrinking a picturte down to make it more portalable. JPEG
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