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GHS 2011-2012Vocab 4

Clear contents Used to clear contents, format, or both without deleting cells. Rt. Click & select clear contents
Delete command Deletes contents, format, and cell; remaining cells shift to replace deleted cell. Rt. click cell & select delete
Moving Data Select data, hover over edge of a cell until you have a four-headed arrow. Drag to new location.
Range (Add to previously created card) Identified by cell in upper left corner and cell in lower right corner; separated by a colon (:).
Adjusting row height 1. Click row header, select row height, type in desired height. 2. Automatically adjusts if you use larger font size. 3. Click boundary and drag to desired size.
Adjusting column width 1. DC a boundary to "best fit" 2. Rt. click column header, select column width, type desired width 3. Click boundary and drag to desired size.
Clear button Home tab, Editing group, "eraser" icon. Used to clear contents, clear format, or clear both.
Insert and delete columns and/or rows Home/cells/Insert or delete Inserts (1) row above selected cell or (2) column to left of selected cell. Deletes row or column of selected cell.
adjacent cells Cells that are next to each other, either in rows or columns
source selected cells to be copied or moved
destination the upper left cell of a range where data is to be pasted; you only have to click that one cell to paste a range
fill handle the solid square in the lower right corner of a selected cell that is used to copy the contents of a cell to adjacent cells
formula mathematical statement used to calculate a value, always preceded by an =(equal sign)
formula bar displays the active cell's contents, located below the ribbon
order of operations precedence excel follows to perform a calculation: multiplication, division, addition, subtraction
relative cell reference cell references that change when you copy and paste them
cell style a defined collection of formats for font, font size, font color, font attributed, numeric formats, shading, borders, etc. home/styles/cell styles
center align center button to center horizontally middle align button to center vertically home/font/alignment
function built-in predefined formulas in a spreadsheet - SUM, COUNT, etc. 3 parts: =, FUNCTION NAME, ARGUMENT
argument defines the numbers to be used in a calculation; usually a cell range
SUM adds the numbers in specified cells (a1:a10) adds all cells from A1 to A10; (a1,a10) adds only 2 cells
AVERAGE averages all values in specified cells
COUNT counts the number of cells that contain numbers in the specified range
MIN identifies and prints the smallest number in specified cells
MAX identifies and prints the largest number in specified cells
DAYS360 counts the number of days between two dates, based on a 360 day year
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